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We’re back in the office full time as of 30th January! | Small Business Website Australia

Back To School Means Back to Work | Taking on new Small Business Websites Australia

We’re back to work full time!

With the end of January coming to a close,  we’ve been tying off the loose ends of what has been an exceptionally busy January developing website  for clients in the Hunter Valley, Australia.  

Although much humor came from conversations through-out social media – with many of our clients and members of the Facebook groups we’re a part of  – calling for January to be dubbed “Free Trial Month” for 2019. 

It seems there are quite a few of our fellow work at home parents; particularly here in Australia with the 6 weeks Christmas Holidays, feeling the pinch of change of routine, others just haven’t quite managed to get started or build moment. 

Natalie Crowe Designs on the other hand – has been quite the opposite!  With NSW School Holidays finishing up tomorrow; 30th of January, and our not so little bundle of joy heading back to school, we step into an another amazing opportunity to help as many clients as possible with their websites and strengthen the support and presence our clients have, and Natalie Crowe Designs is returning to fulltime work in the office.


So with that in mind we’re letting everyone know we’re taking new clients in as of 1st of February!

  • Do you need help with your website?
  • Perhaps your website needs a little TLC?
  • Natalie Crowe Designs offers affordable website help & mentoring
  • Contact Us Today for a FREE quote

We’re your friends in the business who genuinely want to see you succeed! Contact Us Today to discuss your options or to request a FREE Quote.

Ruth Crawley Beauty Therapist Heddon Greta | Hunter Valley & Maitland

Ruth Crawley Beauty - Hunter Valley & Maitland | Beauty Therapy

Improving a new client’s existing website:

In September this year we had the pleasure of communicating with the lovely Ruth from Ruth Crawley Beauty.

Ruth had contacted us in regards to her existing website wasn’t performing well on the search engines.  We took some time to review her situation and see how best we were able to assist her.

We noted that although her site did have some optimisations in place it wasn’t drawing enough attention on the search such as Google & Bing. 

Evidence of this was shown when you couldn’t type in any of her service names followed by broader area  locations for example the “Hunter Valley” or “Maitland” opposed to her actual suburb of her  Beauty Studio Heddon Greta, Heddon Greta is only a short drive from Maitland or the Hunter Valley and Ruth’s business wasn’t coming up.

We started working out the best way to improve the situation. We need to add more content connected to Ruth’s site that the search engines could explore that details more in regards to her services and also helped her strengthen her presence online.  

Ruth Crawley Beauty Studio - Website Improvements | Business Mentoring

Web Design & Content Strategy:

We decided to implement A BLOG,  DEDICATED SERVICE pages and implement some SKYPE MENTORING & TRAINING.

  • BLOG – short for Web Log – it’s like an online diary for your business.
    Whilst you don’t necessarily have to write your content from a personal “Dear Diary” type scenario.  However  due to the competitive nature of the beauty industry and the ability to add new content in the form of a blog post, targeted to the type of information that your prospective clients are going to want to read – answering questions they have and demonstrating your wealth of knowledge is truly valuable.


  • Dedicated Service Information Pages – Individual pages with dynamic content added
    Clients could then easily share that particular service around via the link or even just key in the search engine the name of a product or service and the service area for example if they were looking for Micro Skin Needling Hunter Valley  or  Microdermabrasion Maitland chances are these dedicated pages are more likely to show up.


  • Business Mentoring & Training via SKYPE
    Although Ruth is only a short drive away from my office in Abermain,  the convenient of being able to jump on an program on our computers or phones and have a quick chat,  video call, share files and  my favourite feature – share screen we’re able to do so much more. Share Screen allows you to connect with a Skype user and they allow you to view their  screen or you can share yours. We used this amazing tool during training or to walk you through how to address an issue – ie  completing a tasks you’ve not done before or solving problems that are coming up for you.  It makes it 100% easier, more cost effective and the turn around time is cut down to a 1/4. 

    Ie Ruth needed to know how to do a particular task or reiterate something we’d discussed in our last mentoring session, we quickly connected via Skype and I was able to walk her through the process.   It’s pure genius!  And I LOVE the feature.


Ruth Crawley Beauty Maitland & Hunter Valley

You can find out more about Ruth and her services  via her website or visit her on FACEBOOK

Ruth Crawley Beauty Studio provides professional beauty services for the Hunter Valley including Heddon Greta, Maitland, Cessnock and Kurri Kurri.

These services include: Micro Skin Needling,  Microdermabrasion, IPL Hair Removal, LED Skin Healing, Manicure & Pedicure, Oxygen Therapy, Spray Tans Services, Facial Therapy, Waxing Services & Peel Treatments

Salon hours:
By appointment only.
Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
Late appointments are available Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
EFTPOS is available.

For appointments phone:
0438 279 099.

3 Top Tips for getting UNSTUCK

My 3 steps to getting unstuck:



  • Sift through your list and decide on up to 3 tasks. 
  • Set timer and work for 33 minutes, Take a 6 minute break
  • Rinse & Repeat


  • What’s something you could reward yourself with today ?
  • This doesn’t have to be elaborate – could be a COFFEE or a new book /stationary, Longer Hot Shower, To go somewhere nice to have lunch.  Sit out in the sun for half an hour for lunch break. Take the dog for a walk or the kids to the park after work etc.  Simple things.

– Create mental space  to process:

Brainstorming Exercise / Brain Dump – Clear the mental clutter:

Things you’ll need:

  • Timer  – You can use your phone  or actual timer
  • Either our NCD Brainstorming Worksheet or just a piece of paper
  • Pen / writing apparatus


Let’s do this! BRAIN DUMP

Print out a few of your worksheets or grab a few pieces of paper and write 1 to 10 down the side.

Set your timer  to 5, 10 or 15 minutes and  once you turn on the time proceed to write out as many ideas as possible until that time stops – DO NOT STOP WRITING until the timer goes off.

The purpose of the activity to to write down ANYTHING that comes up in that timeframe. It doesn’t have to be solely business.   Your ideas DO NOT  have to be thought out or coherent. Just get them down on paper.

It could be :

  • Must order stock,
  • Book an appointment, 
  • Do the dishes,
  • Call Cynthia about XYZ,
  • Feed the cat. 
  • Ideas for content for your blog
  • Business ideas..

ANYTHING that’s holding space in your mind.

Once the time goes off – take a minute catch your breath, and check out all of the notes you’ve put down.   Even if you completed this for several days; you could potentially come up with 100s of ideas to work through. Granted not all of them are going to be usable or practical  but it’s now clear space in your mind. 

– Decide & Take Action:

What can you start working towards today?

Things you’ll need:

Let’s do this! DECIDE & ACT

Take a look down your list.   What 3 TASKS can you start working on today?

Note – If there is nothing on that list that’s worthwhile working on.  Rinse and Repeat Step 1  – Brainstorming “What can I work on today?”

Write down your 3 TASKS  so you’re clear on what it is.

33 Minutes On and 6 Minutes OFF 

Your brain works in funny ways and we’re wanting to harness it’s capacity. You focus better when you’re on a timer and you know that you’re working towards a goal.

Our goal today “How much can I get done of Task 1 / 2/ 3 in 33 minutes.

Obviously you can repeat this process multiple times for each task. But it’s having a structure to follow that delivers results.

WORK TIME – 33 Minutes GO GO GO!

  • Set your timer to 33 minutes. 
  • Leave your timer where you can see it.
  • Get stuck into the work you need to do for that task.

When the timer goes off its BREAK TIME!!  Well done for sticking to your agreement. 

BREAK TIME – 6 Minutes GO GO GO!
Now reset your time to 6 minutes .

Go do something physical:

  • Go get a coffee.
  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Walk outside. 
  • Take a breather.

When the timer for the 6 minutes is up.  Head back to the office.  Start again.


  • WORK TIME – 33 Minutes GO GO GO!
  • BREAK TIME – 6 Minutes GO GO GO!

– Reward yourself / Acknowledge your efforts:

Celebrate your wins! Be proud of yourself – Enjoy your reward.

Even if you DIDN’T get everything finished today.  Even if you only worked through 1 or 2 task on your list.   The mere fact that you showed up and followed through with your decision and took action is AMAZING.  You totally deserve your chosen reward  and you should definitely celebrate your wins!!

If you did take action today  we’d love to hear about it.  We have dedicated FACEBOOK GROUP for like minded business owners and we’d LOVE for you to share your news!

Natalie Crowe Designs Business Support Group on Facebook
  Easy going Website Design & Business Mentoring

If you’d be interested in discussing your options for Business Mentoring or getting some assistance with your website and online presence please feel free to pop us a message via the CONTACT US page,  add us to skype: NatalieCroweDesigns OR instant message our Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns

Looking for more than just a website designer | Hunter Valley

Easy going Website Design & Business Mentoring

Hello there lovely,

Nat here, I just thought I’d  stop by the blog and do a little heart to heart post.

It’s 1:52am on Thursday morning.

I’m writing this whilst the thought is fresh in my mind.  Armed with an Ovaltine Hot Chocolate embracing the early hours of the morning – some find it strange, but it’s my optimum working time and most uninterrupted creative period and to be honest when you work with clients all over the world.  You adapt to difference in timing.

I’ve actually been busily working through my ideas on how best I could help others…

Whilst I am working with a heap of clients at the moment…  I want to help more… I want to do more… I want to support more people…

I’ve been in business for 10 years and I’ve worked with 100s of business owners to improve and grow their businesses over this time. 

I have worked with all types of businesses, all types of business owners and all types knowledge and experience.

From business owners who have absolutely no tech experience, through to those who are competent, and all the way back to the experts who just don’t have time to work on their websites and grow their presence.

I spend a great deal of my time working with  and mentoring / training individuals on how to get the most out of their websites. How to get their target market’s attention and to cope with those changes.

Change is inevitable but accepting it is another story…  I help my clients cope with change.

I honestly LOVE the diversity that my business brings… 

Some days I’ll work with corporate clients… it’s very structured and formal in how we operate.. Whilst my style of support doesn’t change, it’s shaped more specifically around collared shirts, procedures and structure.

Other days I’ll have Skype mentoring with clients who grab a cuppa and have chat around what’s happening for them… what goals are they trying to achieve and how we can use the technology in front of them to grow and strengthen their business.

My line of work is SO diverse… Websites are great… I love being able to build infrastructure behind a business. The ins and outs of how it all comes together and how much of an impact it makes… not only for the client, for their family, their clients and the community.

However more often than not, those clients who are regular clients, come to me with the obstacle of needing a website or having a website they’re not happy with… and  are looking for more in their website designer – more support… more guidance and more connectivity than just being a number to some big corporation… 

I LOVE the fact that I AM able to offer that Down To Earth connection and support myself and my family whilst I do something I love.. 

I LOVE the diversity, I LOVE how I’m able to work with so many varied experiences. That looking past all of the stereotypical focus on presentation and “this is what business looks like”…  You must  talk this way, look this way, act this way to be socially accepted. Which is WRONG….

When it boils down to it… Most home based businesses or business start-ups began from humble beginnings.. 

Each business owner at one point or another said ENOUGH is ENOUGH…. taking their own story, their own experiences and their own gifts to impart in the own hands and doing something about it.

I can tell you right now…  That’s NOT how it works..  diversity and difference is a wonderful thing and I find my clients become very comfortable with the factor, I’m honest, realistic and no frills…  

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the corporate ladder and still can “kick it” with the formal business… but I know damn well that my super customers or customers who generally mesh well; with me and my personality, are business owners – who aren’t fixated on what stereotypical business looks like…

However they ARE wanting genuine support, guidance and someone to hear them out, hold the space and help them work through their obstacles..

I get it… I started my business too from that place. I know what it’s like to have to find means to support your family, keep food on the table and roof over your head.  I too got to the point where I said  ENOUGH is ENOUGH….

I get it that you’ve got big dreams, I understand you have a whole lot of responsibility and I’m all to familiar with the idea that you have very little time carved out to dedicate to you and your goals…. 

Whether your challenges consist of any one or more of the following – then I hear you:

  • You’re a Stay at home parent – with desires to improve your lifestyle.
  • You’ve got a business idea but not sure how to implement it.
  • You’ve got heavy responsibilities from family, child wrangling &/or love ones.
  • You’re currently only on a single income stream and struggling.
  • You’re starting from scratch and wanting help to lay solid foundations.
  • You’re unhappy with the way things currently are in your life  and want some help moving forward. .
  • You’re feeling stuck, you’ve got solid ideas of what you want but not sure how to get there.
  • You keep getting in your own way. Knowing what you “need” however get stuck instead of “doing”
  • Struggling to make ends meet day in and day out.
  • Have an established business but want more from that business.
  • Have ideas and goals for growing your business but need someone to support you and provide accountability
  • Not supported by those around you and need a sounding board.
  • Goals and ambitions for your business and not sure where to start.

At some point or another in the last decade of being in business I’ve been there too, as have many of my existing clients.  We’ve together, overcome many of those obstacles and moved towards a much happier, healthier and abundance outcome and I couldn’t imagine my life and my work any other way.

Paws Up… Who needs help with their website or business?
Web Design & Business Mentoring Hunter Valley

If you think you’d like to discuss your options with regards to your websites and how best to get from where you are now to where you want to be.  Please feel free to send Natalie Crowe Designs a message via our Contact Us Page or connect with me us through the various mediums available:

  • Skype: NatalieCroweDesigns
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns
  • Email: support@nataliecrowedesigns.com
  • Phone: 0423 285 233

Down to earth Skype Business Mentoring Hunter Valley

Hi there! My name is Natalie Crowe from NatalieCroweDesigns.com.au, I operate a website design and mentoring business.  I’m based in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia and I work with clients all over the world to build their online presence as well as grow their businesses.

I’m putting this little video together to provide an introduction to a new services or an adaptation to my existing business mentoring service we offer clients through the use of SKYPE; an application that’s available on phones and computers which you can make web calls, share files and video with a caller.


After working with a number of my clients and in my own business, it can be really difficult to separate what is just business and what is life, as a self employed work at home parent, I understand times those “boundaries”  can get pretty murky.. where one starts and stops is not always clear, through in a mix of kids, or family or just life… and then business and making a living.. It can definitely be a juggling act…

The “business mentoring” service on offer usually encapsulate all of that and more… Whilst those things aren’t business they still impact you.. and they are still a part of your life…  I aim to provide you with a support service to move you forward in your business goals, but acknowledge that there is going to be “life” adventures along the way…

My aim is to utilise the wide skill-set I have to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I’m a 29 year old work at home parent, I have my beautiful 8 year old daughter full-time.  I started my 1 month before she was born. So believe me when I say I can relate to what it’s like raising a family and building a business from scratch.   

My Hunter Valley Based Businesses:

I now own a couple of different faucets of my business, I have my two service businesses which offer website design and mentoring and I operate another product based business (Natalie Crowe Designs Crystals) 6 months of the year which sells crystals – semi precious stones and gifts, online and through local markets in the Cessnock and Hunter Valley area..

My Skills and Knowledge:

I have completed a bunch of courses in relation to business management and personal development courses, I studied youth work through TAFE as well website design and development diploma.

I have a great deal of knowledge in regards to setting up businesses online, including social media, search engine optimisation, marketing, branding etc.

I offer also training and tutorials on how to use the technology we setup as well as custom training tailored around your needs – so for example you’ve got an existing website and you need to learn how to use it. Natalie Crowe Designs offers one on one Skype sessions to do this.

My aim is to be of service. Helping you work out what you want and  how to get there is a passion of mine. I love problem solving and helping my clients do more than just get online..

  • From small business coaching,
  • business planning,
  • Personal Development,
  • streamlining business processes,
  • clarifying visions,
  • goal setting
  • implementation of action plans 
  • and so much more.

I’m your girl!

You are not alone in business! 

The idea that no matter what stage of business you are in, sometimes you just need a sounding board, some guidance accountability and some help to get your ideas out of your head and help you implement them.

From the words of my existing clients – some call it “hand holding”  – others say they “no longer have to go it alone”.  It can be such a relief knowing that when you get stuck you can pick up the phone or send a message and say HELLLLLP I’m stuck..   and we can work through it.

Whilst I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I do have a passion for helping people,  a keen sense of direction and knowledge on a wide range of topics…   so changes are if I don’t personally have the answer I will direct you to local resources that do..  Just having that sounding board there is such a safety at times and often we just need time to process in order to find a solution.

So how does this down to earth mentoring work? 

You could be anywhere in the world,  We jump on skype and have chat about what’s happening for you.

I’ve setup three session sets of:

  • 60 minute
  • 90 minute
  • & 120 minute sessions

These can be booked in individually on a week to week arrangement or booking in advance on a 3 and 6 weekly sessions plan will receive plan bonuses* .

Session prices start from $66 for a 60 minute session, $99 for a 90 minute session and  $132 for 120 minute session.

We now also have payment plans setup – and can accept VISA, MASTERCARD and/or PayPal as methods of payment.

For each session, I encourage you to take some time before your session, to make a list of things that are coming up for you or that you’d like work on.

During your session we’ll work out the best direction moving forward for you:
You may like support and mentoring on:

  • Personal Development or business issues
  • Web or technical support – I can work with you to complete various tasks, that you’d like to do – setup your some sort of form, problem solve an error or edit your website.
  • One on one training and tutorials; teaching you how to complete various tasks.  

Being in business especially working from home can be very isolating. If you’ve got kids at home it can be even more challenging. So to have that personalized connection and support each week and  that extra time set aside for YOU – it can be so empowering.

I’m here to help, and I am keen to work with anyone who’s interested in the wide range of skills I offer.

As mentioned above, my rates start at $66.00 for an hourly session however I’m offering FREE 30 minute Skype sessions to 5 individuals who would like to get started.

Simply contact us:

  • via our website CONTACT US PAGE
  • via email support@nataliecrowedesigns.com
  • via SKYPE – username: NatalieCroweDesigns
  • or via Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns 

Face to the Name – Self Care – Do your best

Hey lovely people,

Today I felt the need to break out the camera and put a name to the face of NCD.. All be it a very low res – probably should have brushed my hairstyle photo it was more to say Hey there!  The world needs what you offer – so take care of yourself.   Self care is so important!

Below is the post I shared on Facebook Today that at the time was more of an outward reminder and a recap not only for me but for you guys to remember you’re only human  we all get caught up sometimes working in our businesses and forget to look after ourselves and work ON our businesses.

 For me that realisation came when it’s been almost 8 weeks since I have shared about what we’re working on here at NCD Headquarters, the logo designs, the web design work and much more… 

 I’m in the midst of getting it all sorted out and getting the portfolio updated and blog posts written to share some of the amazing businesses we’ve been working with and what we’ve been doing over the last few months.

We will be looking to take on some new client projects in the coming weeks so if you’re interested in getting a website, looking to improve your search engine ranking or interested in setting up paid advertising we’ll be offering more of these services in the coming weeks.

Check out the Facebook post below – there’s some real insights!
Let us know your thoughts! 🙂

How do you fit everything into a busy lifestyle?

Whether you’re a stay at home parent, working for someone else, a self employed entrepreneur or managing someone else’s business or you are someone looking to start a business, one this is inevitable, there will always be things we have to do outside of making a living. It’s something we can all relate to… As a mum of one and owner/operator of 3 varying businesses, making the most out of my time is and has been a big focus point for me too… So much so, I wanted to do a little more research on the topic and try
and implement something practical into my own life and into the life of
my businesses. Our focus today is on “How do you fit everything into a busy lifestyle?”,

I’ve been in business since 2008. It’s been an experience, through growth of the business means the need to grow and evolve the way I manage my businesses and whilst this process has changed based on my needs, my recent discoveries have been working a treat for my productivity and I am really excited to see the results of my new process.

Best of all, all of this becomes the benchmark for me to start reviewing and improving myself, my life and my business in the process.

As with any project you do your groundwork and research your topics…

Originally I had started reading through a heap of different resources, things on time management and project management resources.

 I also had been working my way through The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber.  Prior to this desire to really get myself sorted out in terms of productivity.

Whilst the E-Myth Revisited wasn’t solely “sorting out your busy life” it did have some really valuable points of wisdom.

Points of wisdom that will require me to be organised enough to establish them and implement them, as well as keep on top of them in order to ensure those processes are working effectively…

Next came a live session with the glorious Leonie Dawson.

Leonie Dawson is such a hoot! She is a fun loving, bubbly little burst of life, she is one of the most out there individuals I know, but in the same sense she resonates with me so much.

She is a self made millionaire, has two small children and is such a great contributor to women all over, not only that but she is a creator of the shining academy that I am a member of, along with the founder of the Shining Biz and Life workbooks that I am such a big fan of.

Anyway, fast track through this live stream Leonie was doing and she talks about how to blocks out her time, and allocates set time to different groups of activities…

Whilst this might seem commonsense, when you’re solely focused on “making money” and “getting your technical work done” you seemingly have little to no time to do anything else.

You often feel like you just can’t see where or how you’re supposed to fit in anything more than just doing the things that your business is employed to do…

How on earth do you fit in marketing, accounting,  networking, and in general growing your business whilst you’re not slaving away trying to just do what it is your business does? Right? 

How on earth could this process work? 

Well this concept of blocking out time to do sets of task really made sense for me.

The idea that if I could group the things I need to do into a bold group of tasks, then each week I’d be able to schedule relevant tasks to be completed in that allocated time-frame. 

Let me give you an example.

My primary groupings at the moment are:  

  • Management
  • Client Work (core of my business)
  • Content Creation
  • Education

Each of these blocks can entail a series of tasks – whilst these are just quick examples off the top of my head:

  • My management tasks may include invoicing, writing quotes, following up clients or scheduling time during my week.
  • Client Work – including any task related to doing what my business has been employed to do. This usually focuses on individual clients and their requirements.
  • Content Creation – may include blog writing, marketing and other elements of creation in my business – creation of connections with the outside world and my business.
  • Education – and this was a big one for me- I never felt I had time or enough time to educate myself of new things or bring in new pieces of knowledge – This is when I learn and implement new theories, new tools and new resources.

At this point in time these 4 areas cover me for most of my needs.  


ACTION: Make a list of the areas you need or want time to develop.



Moving forward, it was time to work out how I could possibly fit all of those areas into a weekly schedule.

I worked out the 5 days a week I currently allocate to work, my start time and finish times; dependent on my daughter’s schooling hours, and then what I was willing to contribute of my evenings to my business.

I worked out a rough time of around 30 hours a week I would allocated in a roster. 

I then began planning out my time and working out what this would look like if I blocked my time in 30 minute intervals.

This was my first attempt:


This meant I had a large quantity of Client Work hours, as well as equal allocation for Management, Content Creation and Education.  

Obviously where needed I could minimize the time allocated for Management, Content Creation and/or Education dependent on my demand, however the FOUNDATIONS of organization were there!

Hooray!!! We have a schedule outline!!

At the beginning of every week, (I start on a Sunday evening) I keep a running list during the week of everything I need to get done, I review the list of tasks I have to complete.

I check my emails & my Microsoft Outlook email to-do list, my job bookings sheet and interactions with clients, reviewing each of the 4 categories, and then add the tasks to my weekly planning.

I put together a daily worksheet with the allocation of the blocks of time to suit the task they are allocated for.

I have my schedule on the wall in front of me so I know exactly what I should be doing and when, and I know I’ve allocated at minimum 30 hours a week to work both on and in my business.

I complete my worksheets at the start of each week, or sometimes a few weeks in advance depending on the events of the week.  But the big thing for me out of all of this has been such liberation – and the process has been amazing in terms of recognising new opportunities to work ON my business not just in it.

Now that I have this basic structure in place I can begin to fit more of the things I want and need into my schedule.   If I were to apply this to my personal life as well, I imagine there would be a profound awareness of exactly how much time we do have as individuals.

It’s going to be impossible to do EVERYTHING that we want to do every day of every year… it’s just not realistic – particularly with the lack of work/life balance many of us have – life doesn’t always run as clockwork, not to mention running your own business and raising a family or simply supporting yourself.

I had to really decide what was important to me and what started as reading a business book, listening to one of my favourite business icons and applying what I’ve learnt, has turned out to be an amazing thing.

Since applying this process, and having set time to write content, educate myself and manage my business, along with do the core work my business does, I have seen an increase in productivity and also manageability of my business.

I am less stressed as I know there is sufficient time to do the things I think are necessary, but it’s also made my life so much easier when it came down to the crunch to fit everything into a busy lifestyle.

Blocking my time has had such an impact on me, and I’d love to hear what you think about all of this, have you tried blocking your time? Do you have any tips or questions?  Visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns and let us know your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you!

Great Business Mentoring Session

Had an amazing mentor session with a lovely local lady, we chatted in
relation to what she’d been learning after attending a local course and
the list of “to-dos” she’d prepared.. Things she’d like to do with her
website and within her business. We talked about how she’d achieve some
of those items and scoped out what was going to be the best avenue for
her to take to achieve her primary goals. Whilst all these are
standard production or outcomes during a mentor session, the
amazing part was to see the transformation in the lovely lady.. Whilst
she doesn’t see it as clearly, there is definite progression in what
she’s working towards and achieving..

We are all working on something… we are all trying to get
somewhere… to the next post.. to the next milestone… but sometimes
as business owners, as mums dads, siblings, friends and AS PEOPLE we
forget to appreciate our journey and how far we’ve come…

Keeping track of what you’re working towards, what you’ve achieved and most of all what changes you’ve made within yourself..

* Be that stepping up and accepting the challenge
* putting yourself out there… even just a little bit
* Being able to verbalise what you need and to be able to find strategy
on how to at least get to the NEXT step.. not to the end of the tunnel
but the next step… –

Whilst we fight so hard to try and have
it all figured out…all we really need to do at this point in time is
work out the NEXT step… not the 15 steps ahead.. we can’t take those
leaps until we’ve taken them…

You don’t have to have it all
figured out.. just know what you’re working for … the HOW will show
up.. if you keep working on next action you can take right now…

This evening was a pleasure! And to boot! I was so very impressed that
there was no need for Leonie Dawson Bird Course analogy…. 🙂 The bird was on course!!!

I love my job and seeing my awesome clients blossom
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You are Greatness

Hey Lovelies 🙂

There is this idea out there about the way we as business people need to present ourselves.. the way we need to talk, the way we need to do things in order to meet the mainstream perception of what it is to be a business owner and how to run a business…

It’s like it’s a predefined destiny of a business owner to fit inside the box… It’s because someone else has said – NO you shouldn’t do XYZ and enough people followed suit and followed trend… That it’s held it’s ground…

As a mum, as a person, as a member of your family… as a member of society – when did you make the decision to follow trend? When did you “decide” that you needed to be more like everyone else to fit into your world and into your business?

Our lives are full of a plethora of colours, shapes and combinations of the two.. But the reality is… as a business owner.. as YOU are…. the only thing you need to be is YOU… You are enough…. you are greatness and you are capable of anything you set your mind to – and can achieve anything you actively work towards…

It you take away anything from this message – know that it’s ok to colour outside the lines, it’s ok to be different, it’s ok not to have all your shit together… As long as you keep moving forward -take down time when you fall… but always get back up and try again…. We owe it to ourselves to make this lifetime the very best it can be for us and future generations

Business is about making systems that work, business is about being an extension of yourself and sharing your gifts with the world…  Business is about providing something to the world that other people need and want – and you my dear are needed and wanted! You my dear have gifts the world it busting to find.. know … and utilise…  and in return for providing such brilliance you receive a commodity or exchange for time and energy in a dollar figure…   

So holding back on who you are in order to be who you think someone else wants you to be is truly just an injustice and it means that you’re limiting your potential to share your greatness with the world.

Be you.. be the authentic you.. the world needs more of that!  

Have an amazing day lovelies!

Nat X

Steve Jobs | Top 10 Rules to Success

VIDEO: Steve Jobs – 10 Rules to Success

1. Don’t live a limited life

2. Have passion

3. Design for yourself

4. Don’t sell crap

5. Build a great team

6. Don’t do it for the money

7. Be proud of your products

8. Build around customers

9. Marketing is about Values

10.Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish