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Helping WordPress Website Owners Learn WordPress

Hey my lovelies,

Nat here, it’s been some time since I’ve blogged on my site..

I’ve been a little pre-occupied.

I don’t know whether you’ve been following Natalie Crowe Designs’ progress over the past 12 months.

But BIG things have been happening.


Perhaps we should start back October 2020….  Yes, that long ago…

I started completing a course on passive income generation through writing online course and turning ideas that have been sitting in my goal book since well before 2016..  into actual tangible results….

I’ve always loved being able to help people and use my skillset to do that.

During the vast majority of my business over the last 13 years, I’ve been teaching 1:2:1  via Skype or Zoom.

I’ve always offered tech support and been fairly predominant as a Website Developer in Maitland, Hunter Valley, Newcastle & Australia. Building Websites & Maintaining them for clients primarily on WordPress.

Following completing the course by a UK mentor mid November 2020, I opened up a Free Website Help group on Facebook and started a mailing list.

The Natalie Crowe Designs | Website Help & WordPress Help group has just surpassed 250 Members and my amazingly supportive online community spans countries through-out the World.

I love the diversity and the factor that no matter what time of day or night I’m online, there is always someone online who is happy to have a chat or the members are busily chatting amongst themselves.

In the group, I hold FREE Weekly TechTalks and Q&As for my community to connect with me and get help with their WordPress, Website & Tech Questions.

The group is growing and it’s meant that I can actually connect and support more website owners, but more than that, I love the idea of being of service! 🙂

My lovelies in my community have dubbed me “WordPress Expert”, “International Guru” ,”Website Wonder Woman” & “Fount of Tech Knowledge”

LOL   I laugh at their humor whilst I know I am a talented WordPress developer and passionate about troubleshooting issues, it always seems foreign being coined that type of thing.. it’s taking a little bit to get used to.

Then things got even more interesting!

January I committed to writing my first course….  Teaching WordPress website owners  to understand their website and how to use it.  It is such an important skillset for a WordPress website owner to have.

I held a couple of WordPress Focus Groups to engage my prospective audience and run my ideas by them.  The response was nothing short of mind blowing….

“When can we have access to this?”  

“I’d definitely be interested Nat, I’ve seen your teaching style in your Facebook group and it really appeals to me”

I ordered some new tech, started writing the content for the course and was set to start recording 1st of February…

As life does, we had a family emergency that took me away from my business for the whole of February..   I didn’t even get a chance to start the process..

March rolled around, and I was determined to get my course recorded….

MOST coaches tell you not to record a thing until you’ve sold the course….

That in itself gave me hives…  You know yourself how stressful it can be trying to plan things on the fly…. given how dynamic my life had been in the weeks beforehand there was no way I could consciously do that…

I knew there was a demand for my offering I’d already done the market research to see what my audience wanted.

Come 1st of March,  I spent every waking moment inbetween 1-2-1 clients, curating over 45+ course videos,  writing a 100 page self study guide and building an online learning environment using the WordPress + LearnDash integrated with Woocommerce. to allow me to create and sell my own courses on WordPress.

Between the 26th of March and the 31st of March I opened cart for my 1st round of WordPress 101 – 6 week Beginner’s course.  Helping you got from UNCERTAINTY to UNDERSTANDING Your WordPress website.

The course has been such a big hit.

I didn’t do a major launch,  I  marketed to my existing warm audience in my group and had 15 students enroll in the course.

That in itself was a epiphany…  this might actually work?

I can do so many things with this..

It’s scaleable..

I can HELP more people..

I can grow this and this amazing toolset of resources I’ve created  and it’s not impacting as significantly on my timing…

Better yet, because I can rinse and repeat… I don’t have to charge as much for it… and it makes it more affordable for my clients..

Now that I’ve done the basic social media setup, the email marketing …. this should take more than 7 hours of my time to facilitate lives and I can actually be amongst the process rendering my assistance..

I set the goals  –  OK = 8 Enrollments /  Good = 10 Enrollment  / Great = 12 Enrollments

As silly as it sounds.. I was so freaking excited at the prospects…
We reach 13 enrollments 90 minutes before

LOL if you need authentically genuine excitement … and potentially over the top enthusiasm.

This was the live on the 31st March once I discovered we smashed my 12 goal…


The Round 1 – Students board  after having to add further cards to my original 12 goal.


The course is currently in it’s First Week  as of the 15th of April.

I am so ecstatic that not only can I now offer to build websites & maintain them, I now have an online learning platform that I can facilitate WordPress Courses  – Teach others how to learn WordPress and improve their understanding and no doubt there will be more to come.

WordPress Websites, Courses & website help

This year, during the pandemic I have achieve so many things towards my end goal – “to make a difference “:)

I am still offering Website Development & Website Maintenance – you can check my website package pricing here .

I most definitely am still helping Website Owners 1:2:1 via Zoom on their Websites & Tech

I am now offering FREE Website Help, Tech Help & WordPress Help group on Facebook

And my NCDAcademy is now officially in operation with 15 amazing  students currently enrolled with the Waiting List for Round 2 – WordPress 101 is now available.

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