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How much does a website cost | Web design Australia

How much does it cost for a website : Guide to Web Design Australia

As a freelance web designer Australia, the most common question I get asked is “How much does a website cost?”  

Now depending on whom you ask, your answer will usually come back with varied results.   

There are web designers  in Australia that are charging in excess of $2500 – $5000 depending on your requirements and the label /brand credibility attached to the company you’ve requested a quote from. 

I’ve had clients contact me saying they’ve received quotes for more than $6000 with the expectation because the package is more expensive it MUST be better for their business? Then looking at the items they’ve been quoted for  as an experienced web developer, and questioning what they anticipated they were getting for their money? More often than not… it was all about their perceived valued and expectation they’d be looked after…

However, I’ve worked with dozens of clients who have come to me and said they’ve paid out a fortune with 1 or more other companies, they experienced substantial loss, they know their business needs to be online but they honestly don’t know if they can do this again. They just want someone to HELP them.

Helping business owners is a passion of mine and utilising my decade+ of experience and knowledge as web designer. I pride myself on taking care of my clients.  My aim is to offer down to earth support and affordable website solutions for all business owners.

I offer to custom quote all of my clients, or alternatively they can choose from two types of off the shelf website packages.

These packages include Complete Website Packages – where the work is done for you, or partial packages which the technical foundations are laid for you and you’re able to build onto this foundation with confidence in with Do It Yourself Options.

My off the shelf “Complete Websites Packages” start from $699 through to $1700 depending on the package you’re interested in.   Whether that be:

  • 5 page starter website,
  • 5 page website and a blog,
  • 8 page website and an online store
  • 8 package website, a blog and online store.


My Do It Yourself Website Packages – retail from $320 to $560 for those who would prefer to Do It Themselves, I setup a foundation to work with so you have full creative control, to create your own content and build your own site using the visual builder tools I implement for you.  Your site foundations are laid and ready allowing you to develop your own site without all the technical knowledge required.

I also offer a variety of other services such as business mentoring and training and support on an hourly rate of $80/hr. 

Once your website is built you’ll have 12 months before you’ll be required to pay a website hosting free / domain renewal again. This gives you sufficient time to put funding away to cover the cost of keeping your website online. 

With flexible payment, affordable pricing and a passion to see you succeed. Client testimonials that rave about our services and so much more.  We’d love to here from you!

Have a great day and if I can be of any assistance, ask a question, prepare a quote or discuss your options.

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Copycats in Business

Apologies for the “real-ness” of this post.. but I found it highly relevant for some of you who are experiencing this!

They say being copied by someone else is the greatest form of flattery 🙂
Knowing that every move you make is being watched so intently…
knowing that the person actively watching you has put you in such an
authority figure to read your every post, cultivate your every idea and
take action on what you’ve shared…is a real eye opener if nothing

If someone has to do this 1) they lack creativity, but 2) also they must spend a whole lot of time thinking
about the awesomeness that is you! and your fan-freaking-tastic
business! They must believe you have a GREAT idea… and that you are
very much a worthy adversary to copy in the first place!!! If they can
not think for themselves or are looking to you for their next business
move what does that say about them and their business sense.. It takes
more than the ability to stalk another business and recreate what they
do… In any industry, similarities will occur, and keeping
up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry can be valuable tool,
but don’t let it consume you, especially when it’s more about the owner
than the business!

I know
it can be frustrating to know that your ideas are being poached but look
at it this way, you’re obviously doing much better than they are, they
really have way too much time on their hands if all they do is keep tabs
on what you are up to, eventually karma comes around, and it will
happen eventually that their clients will discover that their business
isn’t really what it appears to be… It takes more than a mimic to be
successful… Take it in your stride! All you can focus on being the
best you can be, things will fall into place that will show them that
you are superior in what you do for a reason…

With that said,
aside from rocking it in your business. Try not to waste your time or
energy on people who don’t deserve it.. Have the respect and belief in
yourself to know that you’ve got this!! You are AMAZING! So go on and
spread your gifts!! We believe in you!!

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Massive Effort – 3 Websites in 3 days!

November 2013 Natalie Crowe Designs are running a promotion which we plan to develop 11+ websites in 11th month of the year. 
The promotion offers FREE advertising for the Month of November for the first 11 clients to have a website developed before November 30. 

There are still 2 places to be filled. 

We’ve successfully launched two partial websites and a brand new website as seen below: 

Overnight Reflectionshttp://www.overnightreflections.com.au/

ACME Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd – http://www.acmesolar.com.au/

Redrock Musichttp://www.redrockmusic.com.au/