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Emarketing – Aweber VS Mailchimp

2016 – Comparison of  Aweber  Vs. Mailchimp

Thought this may interest some of our readers.

Comparing email marketing providers – Aweber and  MailChimp  – both are great companies however which one is better for a business owner just starting out??  This post primary touches on costing and value for money.

So just looking at the two account aweber and mailchimp…. they appear much of a “muchness” …  they both offer a free account for users just starting, they have a great range of tools and analytics and require paid account for these type of things including autoresponder or automation in workflows so to speak..

Mailchimp increase your monthly cost as you climb their milestones… the major difference I am noticing is that they have  smaller milestones than  aweber, but this is essentially good because you only pay for what you’ll use… 

In all cases, you have to cross their  quota before they will up your package…

Note these  figures are taken straight of their websites and are correct at the time of posting however these will vary depending on when you are reading this post.  Check back with the original source pricing pages for most relevant information.


Aweber charge you  in intervals of:
COST IN USD    $19/mo    $29/mo     $49/mo         $69/mo          $149/mo
SUBSCRIBERS:   0–500       501–2,500  2,501–5,000  5,001–10,000   10,001–25,000

Where as MailChimp creep in smaller intervals but you pay only when you go over the previous smaller intervals. Or more specifically for what you’re using


There’s an online “calculator” you can key in how many subscriber you anticipate as to what you’d use on a monthly basis.

Found here:  http://mailchimp.com/pricing/growing-business/

But just quickly  a few notes:

Subscribers / Cost per month
1,001 – 1,500   -$20.00
1,501 – 2,000  -$25.00
2,001 – 2,500 -$30.00
2,501 – 2,600  -$35.00

2,601 – 2,700 -$40.00
2,701 – 2,800 -$45.00
2,801 – 5,000 -$50.00
5,001 – 5,200 -$55.00
5,201 – 5,400 -$60.00

5,401 – 5,600  – $65.00
5,601 – 5,800  – $70.00
5,801 – 10,000 – $75.00
10,001 – 10,200 – $80.00
10,201 – 10,400 – $85.00

Skip a head a few.
12,601 – 12,800 – $145.00
12,801 – 25,000- $150.00 <— $1 more than Aweber but much of a muchness

Long term the minimal pricing difference is something to consider, whilst you can pay in smaller increments for MailChimp it really depends on your familiarity with the system and what you prefer in terms of the interface to manage your account.

I personally like MailChimp, however Aweber is equally as popular..

Starting out on the first milestone…
Aweber charges $19USD/M for up to 500 subscribers
MailChimp charge $20USD/M for up to 1501 Subscribers

When you look at it like that MailChimp has the upper hand..  For 1 extra USD you get another 1000 subscribers!

In any case, both accounts offer a FREE account.. Why not trial both, setup a free about and have a look around, review their how to videos and see what feels right for you. It doesn’t have to be a major ordeal to get this underway..

The biggest thing is to take some sort of positive step forward.

If it’s worth researching it’s worth doing something about!