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5 ways a website can help your business

5 ways a website can help your business | Web Design Hunter Valley Australia - Natalie Crowe Designs

Websites! Websites! Websites!

Being a web designer in Australia for over a decade, I love that I can combine my passion for helping business owners, together with my years of experience, skills and knowledge, to help demystify the challenges of marketing and growing your business presence online.  There are so many benefits of having a website. But here are my top 5 ways a website can help your business

A website is a home for your business on the internet. Your website is used to provide information to potential customers about what you do and what you have to offer them.

As a foundation you’re going to want to look at:

  • your primary goal for your website is?
  • what are you trying to achieve and
  • the type of information you need to make available for prospects to help them purchase from you?

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Benefits of having a website
– 5 ways a website can help your business:

Whether you have a bricks and mortar business or you’re selling a service or products online,  you may want to :

  1. Have more clients to walk through your door?
  2. Educate your customers  – offering information to learn about what you offer and the benefits of your products or services?
  3. Encourage prospects to book a service or order products or services online.
  4. Start a conversation with them, whether they enquire through an email or to pick up the phone and give you a call.
  5. Keep in touch with them more frequently.

All of these things are taken into consideration as to your primary goals for your website.


Your websites can help get more foot traffic for Bricks and Mortar Business:

For bricks and mortar businesses, making sure your address and map locations are in a predominant spot on every page of your website will be important.

You can include images of relevant maps or add in an interactive map. From sites like https://www.google.com/maps or https://www.bing.com/maps and you can also list your business on local listing websites – many of these are free to do so.


Using your website as an education tool for your business:

Your website can be such a great education tool.  Specifically when educating your prospects on the type of products and services you offer and the benefits of those products you may look to setup things like:

  • FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions page,
  • Photo Gallery or slideshow page; before and after photos, video content – as simple a quick video of before and after completion.
  • Testimonials or reviews – in some cases you can embed  various review from other sites  within your testimonials page, for example Google Reviews,  Tripadvisor etc, or simply including a screenshot as a image could very well achieve this.  Your aim is to demonstrate credibility and share experience of others working with you .

Whilst these might seem like simple additions these will all help give your prospects an overview of your offerings.


Online Shop websites and custom ordering online a breeze.

In terms of allowing prospects to order or book online there are a variety of options available to you.

  • Online Shops or eCommerce websites – You could integrate an online shop ( ecommerce) section into your website for multiple products or services or simply offer a basic PayPal button to allow one time payments for a service.
  • Simple Online Order Forms  – optionally accepting payment online – Alternatively could offer a simple online enquiry form to allow them to submit their order and offer the ability to pay on collection , pay by PayPal invoice or one of the other more readily available payment options.


Websites are GREAT for starting conversations with your prospects.

With your website you can easily integrate options for your prospects to start a conversation with  you.  Something as simple as a contact form  or even listing your phone number with a “Click To Call” link so that prospects using their mobile phones can call you by click your number  – For example 0423 285 233  – If you click this link via your phone it will show Natalie Crowe Designs  phone number up on the call screen of your phone to which you can then get in contact with me directly.

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Communication – Websites can help you keep in touch more frequently:

As a part of your website,you could look at a number of different ways to keep in touch more frequently,  you can allow users to sign up for a mailing list to send out regular emails using tools like Mailchimp or Aweber and connect with your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Business.

In summary, your website can provide a multitude of ways to help your business get found, educate your clients or prospects and keep in touch.


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