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Streamlining the Natalie Crowe Designs Office

After spending so much time out of  the loop with our clients and generally looking at and working out how best we could improve our services. One of the major points of contention for us was streamlining the process. We have our own system as to how to manage and sort our client files, but I personally wanted to have a more hands on approach to what we do as a business. I want to be able to look at a client  at any given time and know exactly where he or she is in their business relationship with Natalie Crowe Designs, but also to be able to optimise my service to all of you.

After much planning and organising (and stationary shopping etc), we now have 47 active client files which all have a summary display folder with various documents that have been consistently streamlined with in the business.  The folder has all the details I need to know when I pick up the phone to talk to a client, the progress report on their latest development. the previous projects developed, the accounts for that client, a list of products or services that the client currently already has and could possibly use in the future.

 I’ll grab a photo of the achievement when I get back into the office but for those who are interested. Our folders have:

♦ Client Detail Summary Sheet
♦ Current progress sheet – per job
♦ Credentials sheet – what accounts they have setup , who, what where
♦ Current products/service & proposed services.
♦ Accounts to date – summary

The folders are consistent across the board. We still file all of our paperwork in a filing cabinet but this system makes it much easier when the phone rings and you need to review.

Can’t wait to start growing the client list between now and the end of the year.

Personal Time Management Guide

Natalie’s Personal Time Management Guide Notes: 

I can’t remember exactly what resources I compiled these from but these are the questions I ask myself whilst working out my goals, both general and self development goals or to look at my values.  To get my actions in check with my goals and all looking at what I truly want.

Some of these are information from my personal notebook others are questions to ask yourself. 
Hopefully they make sense. 

If you find any of this helpful please feel free to  message me via my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns)


       ♦ What are your goals?    1 to 5 years
       ♦ Who, what, when for the future
       ♦ Home & Family Goals
       ♦ Work & Business goals and contributions

Self Development Goals

       ♦ What would you do if you won the lotto?
       ♦ What would you do if you only had 6 months left (this question looks at values)?
       ♦ What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn’t fail?
       ♦ Goals must be in writing – clear and specific


       ♦ Taking action without a plan is inefficient
       ♦ Take your objective and write down every step required to achieve that goal.
       ♦ Organise and plan action steps required, prioritise more or less important tasks


       ♦ Making a list improves productivity by 25%.
       ♦ Each item is checked off when completed
       ♦ The idea of the list is a accomplishment successfully completing the list


       ♦ Establishes the 20% relevant and 80% irrelevant.
       ♦ What is the most valuable use of my time?
       ♦ Is this the top pay off

I am short on time this afternoon, but in a later blog post I will  put links up to documents I use to get myself on track.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Remember, An attempt failed has more chance of success than making no movement forward at all. Do the best with what you have.  You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Kind Regards,

Working with so many Hunter Valley Businesses

Over the last 12 months we’ve worked with 65 individual businesses, powering through websites, managing SEO for several of our clients and completing

Busy start to 2014 – Bring on the 5th of Feb

Why Hello there!
Fantastic to have you here,18 days into January and extremely confident 2014 is going to be a massive year! Now with School Holidays in NSW almost coming to an end (only a few more weeks to go! ),  Natalie Crowe Designs is working behind the scenes on several projects for clients  part time whilst our family prepares for our daughter to start Kindergarten  in Early February. 

As a business, we’re scheduled to be back in the office 5 days a week by 5th of February!  And to tell you the truth I couldn’t be more excited, I have loved having the family together over the last 6+ weeks, but I am looking forward to the exciting new prospects that February 2014 has to offer and all the projects we have in the works at the moment being close to completion or moving forward to the next stages of development. 

We have plans in the coming days to give you an update on each of the businesses we’ve worked with at the end of 2013  and the new clients that we’ve taken on this year.  Stay tuned lovelies!

Natalie Crowe

Getting it Sorted – Making a commitment to stretch

Good Morning all, it’s been a long 48 hours. But it’s been so worth
it. Lots of things happening and late nights /early morning knock offs
mean that lots is being achieved.

Tell me something Is it
just me? or is there always something more that you want to do? I have
so many things I’d like to do as a business owner to help others and so
many things I’d like to do to build my business.

[After thought:] I think this post was a little bit of on the spot clarification… – if you found it helpful let us know!

With so much on the list to achieve .. There’s only one thing to do.. GET IT SORTED!
1) Make a list…
2) Allocate times…
3) and scheduled it in!!
4) Make the commitment to stretch and go hard.

It will mean that I need to say NO to some projects that come along… but it’s part and parcel. One step at a time!

So what’s on the agenda?
I have consultations tonight with Cessnock Motorcycle Club – so further
planning , I have Carmichael Estate website content plan to write,
Hunter District Hunting Club Website Updates, Cessnock Rifle Club
Website Updates, No Insects Website updates. I have the second Quilts
for Cots Logo design and several websites to do Search Engine related
and Facebook Management for today.

Full day booked in. —
I’ll be in the office for the majority of today, if needed please feel
free to leave a message via the mobile or send me an email and I will
reply once I have completed today’s to-do list.

With that day
plan! Let’s brighten the mood! Through out today I’ll be posting colour
posts via our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns)! I want to see your colours!! I want to see you shine!!


Join us on Facebook and network with others!

Have a great day!

New websites underway development for Hunter Valley businesses

Day 2
that we’re back in the office and we worked until the early hours of
this morning, more so from excitement than “having to work”. I have
missed the routine and being back in that focused frame of mind whilst
working for yourself.

We got the phone call late yesterday to
say our quote for Cessnock Motorcycle Club has been accepted, we sent
out sample designs to Quilts for Cots, we finalised Pink Finch Soy Candles logo.

Updates and Modifications for Hunter District Hunting Club, SEO for Barry at BDM Trading and No Insects

We are working on several developments at the moment with my current to-do list down to 65 items from 76 yesterday.

I am almost completely booked out until after the 18th with a few consultations still pending confirmation.

If you require a consultation whether that be face to face or via phone
or Skype, please book in early to avoid disappointment.

I look forward to bringing you all new developments we’ve got in the works in the coming weeks!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Why is updating your content so important

Why you must update your content regularly.

Content Becomes Stagnant

After a while, the content within your website can becomes stagnant.  There is only so many things you can add to something like an ‘About Us’ page or ‘Locations’ page, and so after a while if there are no changes to your website then chances are there are your website will move down the ranks on the search engines or worse case scenario not show up at all.   A website can because stagnant within the first few months if you are not providing some sort of update to it.  Adding photos, video content, text and more. Also creating link backs to your website and  sharing your website around on the internet, letting businesses and industry related sites know that your website there can also make a big difference.

Search engines are looking for new and fresh information

Google and other search engines are constantly improving and enhancing their search results to offer the most up to date and relevant content to their users, so although your information may be  genuine and it may be the most accurate out there, the search engines want to see new and fresh content  coming through the door. Anyone can publish a website,  it’s those who continue to add new content and information to their site that prove to the search engines that they are worthy of being ranked on the search engine. Not only that but search engines reward websites that update their content regularly  by moving them up the rankings. 

Updating your content on a regular basis also give your clients/visitors more reason to come back to your website.  If you have regularly updated content on your website. Clients will be more inclined to  drop by to see what your business is up to if they know you update your website.

But what can YOU do  to provide regular content for your business??

Setup a business BLOG

A Blog is an abbreviation of “Web Log”   – an online journal for your business. It’s basically a central location where you can add lots of content in a organised central space.  There are plenty of FREE or low cost options out there for business owners WORDPRESS is 100% the best one  most businesses recommend using.   Here, in your blog, you can put anything from a blog post about what you’re doing in your business, perhaps what markets or fundraisers you’re going to be at, to product releases, tutorials,  industry information, tips, tools and resources.  (What you’re reading now is a blog post from Natalie Crowe Designs)

The posts don’t have to be extensive, couple of paragraphs, pictures,  maybe a video sometimes.   Once you create your blog post, you then share that post around your distribution channels – so facebook, twitter, forums,   etc.

TIP:  You need to first put the content on YOUR website first before sharing it around…  The reason for this is that it makes your website an authoritative figure. Your website had the information first. So  once it is shared around the search engines can see which website had the information listed on their website first and  rank them higher on the search engines.


Natalie Crowe Designs offers an integrated blogging system as a part of the NCDAchieve Content Management System.  Which means that on the same system you use to Edit, Update your website, add photos, text and more, check your reports and statistical data more. Taking the hassle out of multiple management tools, a single login and you can access everything in the one place.   Time and cost effective. 

Put video content on your website:

Put together videos on your business, on your products, on what you do, anything really.    Name your to do with things your prospective customers are likely to type into a search engine and get them up onto youtube, vimeo and other video sites. You can also get “embed” codes from places like Youtube to  then display that Youtube Video on your website.

TIP: Name your files, posts and other material with “keywords” or things people are likely type into a search engine.

We offer support to set these type of services up for you or to implement the content you create and the videos you record.   If you would like to discuss your options or organise some assistance to get your blog or video channels setup please  visit our contact us page or use one of the following mediums:

Phone:   0423285233
Email:    Support@nataliecrowedesigns.com
Skype:    NatalieCroweDesigns

You can also visit us via our FACEBOOK page:

– See more at: https://www.nataliecrowedesigns.com.au/contact-us#sthash.mEztyptD.dpuf

Phone:   0423285233
Email:    Support@nataliecrowedesigns.com
Skype:    NatalieCroweDesigns

You can also visit us via our FACEBOOK page:

Business Website Design Samples

Having a Website is a key part of reaching a wider audience and is
something every business should have… And Natalie Crowe Designs has
websites to suit every budget big or small!

Whether your in our local area; Cessnock &
Hunter Valley, or you’ve just come across us via our signage or picked
us up on Google. Natalie Crowe Designs is your one stop shop when it
comes to getting a website and offers a variety of products and services from
Business Website Design, Logo Design, Facebook Styling, Graphic work,
Business support and mentoring through to Social Media services,  Domain
name registration and setup, Website Hosting, Email Hosting,  Training
and Tutorials and so much more.

To view some of the Business Website Design Samples visit our portfolio page.

To read the reviews from other satisfied customers visit our testimonial page

If you have any questions about our services or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re your friends in the business offering support, helpful
advice, great prices and everything you need in the one place.

Basic Website On A Budget

Whether you’re new to business or you’re expanding. Having a website is something that is cost effective and a viable tool for any business. Not only for providing reliable and controlled information about your business, it can be used to sell and promote your products and services and overall reach out to your prospective customers. Through your communications, sales and marketing you can direct your clients back to your online presence and continually grow and expand your website  as your business grows. 
Something as simple as our 5 page information website. Targeted for Start Up Businesses or businesses wanting to get a solid foundation behind their online presence. 

[ Package includes:] 

♦ 5 Page Information Website
♦ Custom Design to suit your business.
♦ Including Homepage, 3 pages of your choice and a Contact Page with a  Contact Form complete with  Email Notifications directly to your inbox when you receive enquiries, and automatic email responder  notifying your clients that one of your staff will contact them shortly.  

[Web Hosting ]

♦ 12 Months Online storage for your website related files

[Domain name or Website Address]

♦ 12 Months registration for a website address of your choice www.yourwebsite.com.au

[Ability to edit your website]

♦ 12 Months access to NCDAchieve Content Management System – which is an all in one system that will allow you to update and manage your online business in a central dashboard.

[Personalised User Guide]

♦ Step by step user guide tailored to your skill level on the best way to manage your online business using NCDAchieve.

[Standard Search Engine Optimisation]

♦ We do keyword research and optimise your website ready for launch, in addition to submit your website to the primary search engines.

[1 hour phone consultation]

♦ One hour consultation included in the price

[Free Email Address and Webmail  associated with your website]

♦ For the first 20  clients to utilise this package, they’ll receive their own email address,  an online webmail interface (similar to  Live Mail or Hotmail) and a tutorial how to setup your Free Email Address on your computer, phone or ipad.

This package retails from $600.00

We request a 50% deposit upfront and then  either Payment Plan arrangement or  Payment on completion.
For full product listing click here:  [ 5 Page Information Website ]

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