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Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Web Design - Don't put all your eggs in one basket - You need more than Social Media Presence. Hunter Valley, Web Design Australia

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER – Not to put all your eggs in one basket.

So we recently saw social media crash in a big way, some of you may or may not have noticed but many of the big social media platforms had a major meltdown earlier this week with many people unable to access their accounts, faults only being able to see partial posts – or see names but not content, and other were completely disconnected from their pages and unable to response to feedback, which meant users weren’t able to communicate with others.

Facebook Tweeted:

In the instance of business, this is such a massive issue, when you’ve focused solely on one form of communication with your prospects and customers. For example Facebook, or any other single platform . There’s such a great deal of risk there if something does go wrong.

Social Media Websites, Blogging and Email Marketing - Newsletters - Why you need to use a combination of platforms

Social media are tools to increase your exposure but shouldn’t be your sole point of contact with prospects and customers.

Whilst Facebook and other social media platforms are amazing tools, we don’t essentially own our pages, our contacts and communication. These means of contact are governed by an external source – policies and procedures and we really don’t have full control over any given platform… However, if something did go wrong and by chance your business page was part of a glitch that saw it either temporarily or permanently shut down, would you still be able to connect with your prospects? The answer for most people is No.

This is why it’s so important not to focus all of your attention on one platform and making sure the connections you have are meaningful that filter through to mediums that give you the ability to make backups, account for your communications and manually if need be engage with your community.

How do you connect with prospects outside of social media?

3 Ways to connect with prospects via your website.

  1. Start Your Own Business Website:
    First and foremost, I’d recommend getting a website or  making sure your current website is up to date so that you still have a consistent online presence that represents your business.
  2. Create an online Blog  for your business:
    Secondly I’d be setting up a blog for your business ideally on your own website where you share with your prospect at least once a month.
  3. Setup an email newsletter for your business: 
    And lastly I’d be getting yourself setup with a newsletter and means for your prospects to signup for a newsletter via your website, this can be done by setting up a free account with Mailchimp and connected to your website, so users can sign up for your newsletter.

All of these elements will ensure that irrespective of what’s happening in the social media world, you are still able to communicate with your following.

If any of you would like to arrange a free 30 minute Skype conversation to discuss your options, please feel free to contact us today either online via my contact us page,  via email support@nataliecrowedesigns.com or phone 0423285233

3 Top Tips for getting UNSTUCK

My 3 steps to getting unstuck:



  • Sift through your list and decide on up to 3 tasks. 
  • Set timer and work for 33 minutes, Take a 6 minute break
  • Rinse & Repeat


  • What’s something you could reward yourself with today ?
  • This doesn’t have to be elaborate – could be a COFFEE or a new book /stationary, Longer Hot Shower, To go somewhere nice to have lunch.  Sit out in the sun for half an hour for lunch break. Take the dog for a walk or the kids to the park after work etc.  Simple things.

– Create mental space  to process:

Brainstorming Exercise / Brain Dump – Clear the mental clutter:

Things you’ll need:

  • Timer  – You can use your phone  or actual timer
  • Either our NCD Brainstorming Worksheet or just a piece of paper
  • Pen / writing apparatus


Let’s do this! BRAIN DUMP

Print out a few of your worksheets or grab a few pieces of paper and write 1 to 10 down the side.

Set your timer  to 5, 10 or 15 minutes and  once you turn on the time proceed to write out as many ideas as possible until that time stops – DO NOT STOP WRITING until the timer goes off.

The purpose of the activity to to write down ANYTHING that comes up in that timeframe. It doesn’t have to be solely business.   Your ideas DO NOT  have to be thought out or coherent. Just get them down on paper.

It could be :

  • Must order stock,
  • Book an appointment, 
  • Do the dishes,
  • Call Cynthia about XYZ,
  • Feed the cat. 
  • Ideas for content for your blog
  • Business ideas..

ANYTHING that’s holding space in your mind.

Once the time goes off – take a minute catch your breath, and check out all of the notes you’ve put down.   Even if you completed this for several days; you could potentially come up with 100s of ideas to work through. Granted not all of them are going to be usable or practical  but it’s now clear space in your mind. 

– Decide & Take Action:

What can you start working towards today?

Things you’ll need:

Let’s do this! DECIDE & ACT

Take a look down your list.   What 3 TASKS can you start working on today?

Note – If there is nothing on that list that’s worthwhile working on.  Rinse and Repeat Step 1  – Brainstorming “What can I work on today?”

Write down your 3 TASKS  so you’re clear on what it is.

33 Minutes On and 6 Minutes OFF 

Your brain works in funny ways and we’re wanting to harness it’s capacity. You focus better when you’re on a timer and you know that you’re working towards a goal.

Our goal today “How much can I get done of Task 1 / 2/ 3 in 33 minutes.

Obviously you can repeat this process multiple times for each task. But it’s having a structure to follow that delivers results.

WORK TIME – 33 Minutes GO GO GO!

  • Set your timer to 33 minutes. 
  • Leave your timer where you can see it.
  • Get stuck into the work you need to do for that task.

When the timer goes off its BREAK TIME!!  Well done for sticking to your agreement. 

BREAK TIME – 6 Minutes GO GO GO!
Now reset your time to 6 minutes .

Go do something physical:

  • Go get a coffee.
  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Walk outside. 
  • Take a breather.

When the timer for the 6 minutes is up.  Head back to the office.  Start again.


  • WORK TIME – 33 Minutes GO GO GO!
  • BREAK TIME – 6 Minutes GO GO GO!

– Reward yourself / Acknowledge your efforts:

Celebrate your wins! Be proud of yourself – Enjoy your reward.

Even if you DIDN’T get everything finished today.  Even if you only worked through 1 or 2 task on your list.   The mere fact that you showed up and followed through with your decision and took action is AMAZING.  You totally deserve your chosen reward  and you should definitely celebrate your wins!!

If you did take action today  we’d love to hear about it.  We have dedicated FACEBOOK GROUP for like minded business owners and we’d LOVE for you to share your news!

Natalie Crowe Designs Business Support Group on Facebook
  Easy going Website Design & Business Mentoring

If you’d be interested in discussing your options for Business Mentoring or getting some assistance with your website and online presence please feel free to pop us a message via the CONTACT US page,  add us to skype: NatalieCroweDesigns OR instant message our Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns

How to test your Website Page Speed with Google Pagespeed Insight Tools

Your website is one of the primary tools your prospects use to connect with you.
So you want to ensure that it is running at it’s best.

We all go over our content to make sure the text is well written and engaging, however we often don’t consider the SPEED and how long it takes for a user to actually load your page. Speed is super important in this instant gratification world.

With Google being the most popular search engine, we tend to primarily look to google as a basis of testing.
And Google offers a range of neat tools to help you test your website. One of these tools Google Page Speed Insights allows you to key in your website address and it will come back with either Low, Medium or High ranking for Page Speed Optimisation along with a list of improvements needed in order to meet Googles requirements.

We encourage our clients and prospects to run their website through this test in order to know where to improve.
To do this:

1) Visit : https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/
2) Type in your website address
3) Review your results.

If your website isn’t in the Green chances are your website is in need of improvements.
If you’d like to discuss these improvements feel free to contact us

Visit our Contact Page Now.

Rapid Planning System – Tony Robbins

Whilst we’ve been exceptionally quiet on the blogfront, we’ve been busily mentoring clients and developing websites over the last few months.  During development time, I tend to progress through my collection of amazing mentor resources. This keeps my mind active whilst I work – particularly when completing repetitive task, but also educates me and provides more opportunities for my own business.. 

One of the topics of interest with many of my clients at the moment is improving productivity.  This YOUTUBE video on Tony Robbins – Rapid Planning Method, offers some great insights.  Take a listen 🙂


Importance of having BOTH a blog and social media

Do you really need a website + blog and social media?

Prospective customers are looking for what you offer. You have a base website with your credentials and general page content a gallery, your availability calendar and so forth.   The pages aren’t going to change all that often in any grand scheme,  whilst you can add new content to them, the overall purpose of those pages won’t change.  This used to be fine, however now that the search engines are looking to offer their users the best of the bests.  It’s no longer just a set and forget process.

The search engines are constantly receiving new and improved content and improving their algorithms. This means they will be ranking your website pages with relevance other sites, where users are spending most of their time in addition to their own continually improving checklist. ‘They’ are looking to give their users the best experience and want to ensure the end user keeps using their services – so it’s all about the benefits their users get. If the searches can see users going to your site, exploring it and continually coming back you will see more of a result in the search rankings. This means in order to keep up, you are going to want to ensure that your users have a reason to keep coming back to your website. If you’re not adding new content… Then WHY would they come back?  There’s nothing additional to explore…. What now? This is where the blog comes in…

Whilst it may seem like a complex process, what you need to understand here, is that things have change dramatically for websites and website technology. There’s a whole process now, to what you need to have on your website in order for it to be seen as legitimate – most people base the authenticity of a business as to whether they have an active social media page – because “EVERYONE” is on Social Media… – A Stereotypical response – yes… but it’s how it is…  And through the diversity of creating additional resources for the search to explore, this helps to keep your business on top of the search engines.

Whether we like it or not… we either have to take the leap and implement new measures in order to stay current or get left behind.. and whilst you may be apprehensive at this stage, you never know, you may find that this becomes something you enjoy.  A creative outlet.


What is a blog?  A blog on your website allows for content creation.   By producing content ON your own website, you’re creating more of an authority.. Each blog post has it’s own link, which means there are more “pages” online for people to explore.. The more times people are going to your website to view things and exploring the more you’ll see positive interaction on your search engine rankings….  When Google sees that your website is getting more interaction it will move it up the ranks.   

Content for your blog can be done monthly or more frequently if you feel comfortable, It’s basically a case of ensuring you’re creating and distributing your content on a regular basis.  For example:

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month every month, you sit down and write 3-4 paragraphs about a topic of interest to your market;
For example:  
Events on in [Your Area]  or other topics of relevance

You’ll then pick :

  • A focus keyword or phrase relevant to the article.
  • A title.
  • A Call to action some sort of message or call to encourage them to take action on your site.  (we can discuss)
  • A picture/s that suits the article

And from here we hit publish and that post is visible on your website.

You can go through and write a heap of posts ahead of time and set the publish date at a later date – this will mean it won’t be released until the publish date.. So you can plan ahead and create content ahead of time.

Once you have your content – it’s time to distribute it.


Facebook and Social media platforms in general are also important. They are designed for distribution and engagement. Here posting to these platforms IS exceptionally beneficial to your business, however if your social media platform was to close down ( I can’t see it happening but if it did) – how would you get in touch with people who have begun following you?? How would you encourage engagement and also reach those potential customers when you have openings for them.  It would be VERY difficult to reach all of them.. In most cases we don’t know the people personally who follow us on social media.  If you haven’t been building a following for any length of time, those efforts would still be ruined simply by not having a means to communicate with them if those  social media platforms were to vanish tomorrow…

With your blog post written, You  then talk about the post on your social media platforms.. aiming to encourage the users to take action on your site  ( I discuss this further down)-  Like it, Share it, Sign up for an email List, Contact You or Make a booking etc….

To distribute the post on your social media platform – ie Facebook 

  1. Write your status for example if you were offering accommodation in Lake Macquarie:
    • “Who will be heading out to Lake Macquarie  for Catalina Festival?  Have you got your accommodation sorted??  Check out our blog post  on our website about the history of the Catalina festival.   Link in the comments below. ” 
  2. Then include your link in the comments
  3. [Optional – Recommended] Choose a picture relevant to the social media platform  (For Facebook – 851px 315px )

YES it’s going to take some planning,  but I can guarantee you, you will see a lot more interaction with your business simply by visible to your prospective customers.  

Your website is an important tool which allows connection to your business, but it can be SO MUCH MORE than that…  

The aim of the game is to create engagement...connect with users on social media and likewise, draw them into your content on your website, and then eventually get them to take one  or more of the available calls to action, these include but are not limited to:

  • Making a booking, purchasing or contacting you
  • Sharing your content with their networks  to build your reputation and presence.
  • Obtain their marketing information – for example their email -getting them signing them up for a newsletter so that you CAN market to them directly to their inbox.
  • To develop rapport with your audience.
  • & delight your customers.

These are just some of the targets most businesses would consider.

Whilst it all seems overwhelming with all this information to consume, it’s truly something you CAN master.. .you can utilise and you can truly benefit from it.. You’re already updating Facebook, it’ll be just a case of writing a little more information for a blog post and then incorporating that into your Facebook posting schedule – which there are plenty of ways we could improve this process as well.

If you’d like some assistance getting this process under control please make an enquiry via  our contact page.

12 Benefits of having a website

12 Benefits of Having A Website | Website Design Australia | Hunter Valley, Maitland, Newcastle

12 Benefits of Having A Website | Australia

Having a website can be an amazing tool for any business. Your website will mean, your potential customers can find you, purchase your products or services and make enquiries 365 days a year without you having to be driving the sales, it can increase your credibility and boost customer confidence. Check out the 12 benefits of having a website, and how as website can work for you:

  1. Having a website means credibility and accuracy of information made available about your business.
  2. A website works for you 365 days a year.
    – Even when you finish work for the day, your website keeps working round the clock.
  3. Your customers can access the information about your business, products and services at their leisure regardless of your operating hours.
  4. You are able to reach a larger target audience.
    – With the ability for potential clients all over the world to have access to your business.
  5. Your clients can make online enquiry 24 hours 7 days a week.
  6. You can use your website as an additional means of advertising.
  7. A website can increase sales.
  8. A website can increase how often your clients interact with your business.
  9. A website can increase customer confidence. 
    – For clients, knowing that they can get in contact with your
    business or find out more information about a service or product is
  10. You can utilise statistical data to measure the success of your business online.
    – Things like seeing how many people visited your website over a
    period of time, what webpages they viewed and how long they are
    spending on your site.
  11. Website is often more cost effective then print media.
  12.  A website is dynamic and grows as your business does.
    – You can start out with a website that is very basic, simply
    offering your clients general information about your business and then
    later introduce other features for example online shopping, or bookings


Building your business & helping clients locate your business with a website:

Like every business owner, you understand that you need to
make it as easy as possible for your potential clients to locate your
business, and having your potential clients locate your business means
your business is one step closer to having them purchase your products
or utilise services and there are a many ways to of  making your
business more locatable,however, the easiest way starts with having your
own website. 
Almost everywhere you look the internet is readily, at the
click of a button you can type in any search phrase and locate any
number of businesses? So what if your clients knew your business name,
for example “Natalie Crowe Designs” they could search for you (click here for a sample)  or perhaps they typed in some keywords related to your business, on our case “Website Design Cessnock” (click here for a sample).
With a website, we can create an online presence that is optimised  to
be more likely to appear when clients search for these terms.

Emarketing – Aweber VS Mailchimp

2016 – Comparison of  Aweber  Vs. Mailchimp

Thought this may interest some of our readers.

Comparing email marketing providers – Aweber and  MailChimp  – both are great companies however which one is better for a business owner just starting out??  This post primary touches on costing and value for money.

So just looking at the two account aweber and mailchimp…. they appear much of a “muchness” …  they both offer a free account for users just starting, they have a great range of tools and analytics and require paid account for these type of things including autoresponder or automation in workflows so to speak..

Mailchimp increase your monthly cost as you climb their milestones… the major difference I am noticing is that they have  smaller milestones than  aweber, but this is essentially good because you only pay for what you’ll use… 

In all cases, you have to cross their  quota before they will up your package…

Note these  figures are taken straight of their websites and are correct at the time of posting however these will vary depending on when you are reading this post.  Check back with the original source pricing pages for most relevant information.


Aweber charge you  in intervals of:
COST IN USD    $19/mo    $29/mo     $49/mo         $69/mo          $149/mo
SUBSCRIBERS:   0–500       501–2,500  2,501–5,000  5,001–10,000   10,001–25,000

Where as MailChimp creep in smaller intervals but you pay only when you go over the previous smaller intervals. Or more specifically for what you’re using


There’s an online “calculator” you can key in how many subscriber you anticipate as to what you’d use on a monthly basis.

Found here:  http://mailchimp.com/pricing/growing-business/

But just quickly  a few notes:

Subscribers / Cost per month
1,001 – 1,500   -$20.00
1,501 – 2,000  -$25.00
2,001 – 2,500 -$30.00
2,501 – 2,600  -$35.00

2,601 – 2,700 -$40.00
2,701 – 2,800 -$45.00
2,801 – 5,000 -$50.00
5,001 – 5,200 -$55.00
5,201 – 5,400 -$60.00

5,401 – 5,600  – $65.00
5,601 – 5,800  – $70.00
5,801 – 10,000 – $75.00
10,001 – 10,200 – $80.00
10,201 – 10,400 – $85.00

Skip a head a few.
12,601 – 12,800 – $145.00
12,801 – 25,000- $150.00 <— $1 more than Aweber but much of a muchness

Long term the minimal pricing difference is something to consider, whilst you can pay in smaller increments for MailChimp it really depends on your familiarity with the system and what you prefer in terms of the interface to manage your account.

I personally like MailChimp, however Aweber is equally as popular..

Starting out on the first milestone…
Aweber charges $19USD/M for up to 500 subscribers
MailChimp charge $20USD/M for up to 1501 Subscribers

When you look at it like that MailChimp has the upper hand..  For 1 extra USD you get another 1000 subscribers!

In any case, both accounts offer a FREE account.. Why not trial both, setup a free about and have a look around, review their how to videos and see what feels right for you. It doesn’t have to be a major ordeal to get this underway..

The biggest thing is to take some sort of positive step forward.

If it’s worth researching it’s worth doing something about!

Steve Jobs | Top 10 Rules to Success

VIDEO: Steve Jobs – 10 Rules to Success

1. Don’t live a limited life

2. Have passion

3. Design for yourself

4. Don’t sell crap

5. Build a great team

6. Don’t do it for the money

7. Be proud of your products

8. Build around customers

9. Marketing is about Values

10.Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish



Tony Robbins | 10 Rules to Success

 VIDEO: Tony Robbin’s Top 10 Rules for Success

Great Youtube Video some some really great

1. Raise your standards
He began his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn.

2. Be truly fulfilled
He taught neurolinguistic programming and Ericksonian hypnosis after training with NLP co-founder John Grinder.

3. Progress equals happiness
His use of board breaking, skydiving, and later firewalking in his seminars is intended to help participants learn to push through their fears.

4. Love your customers
He promoted his services as a “peak performance coach” through his books and TV infomercials.

5. Add value
In 1997, Robbins began the Leadership Academy seminar.

6. Have an exit strategy
He has written three best-selling books: Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within, and Money: Master the Game.

7. Be resourceful
He founded the Anthony Robbins Foundation, a charity dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations.

8. Pay attention to the little things
In April 2012, Robbins began cohosting Oprah’s Lifeclass on the OWN Network.

9. Look for leverage
In 2007, he was named in Forbes magazine’s “Celebrity 100” list.

10. Change your mindset
In 2007, Forbes estimated that Robbins earned approximately $30 million. 

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9F19ban7A4


2015 coming to a close, this week, leonie dawson workbooks

2015… where have you gone? 

It felt like only yesterday we were  celebrating end of year festivities… it’s something like 50 days until Christmas??  How time tends to fly when you’re having fun.  Our 11 Websites in the 11th Month promotion clients are in their 1st year anniversary as clients with Natalie Crowe Designs. Another year is almost over and we begin preparation for our journey into 2016.

Week of 8th-14th of November.

This week, We’re working with Toyriffic to get their website finalised ready for the Christmas Rush. With Careerbridge Automotive as we’re in our final test stage  – with launch booked in for this Friday 13th of November.  We have several quotes and websites to finalise including sponsorship of a not-for-profit business doing amazing things in our community.

Amazing Resource Alert!!


Create your shining year BIZ and Life workbooks by Leonie Dawson!!!

In 2013 I came across this amazingly inspirational, motivating, soul
strong entrepreneur, business mentor and author…. creator, mother of
now two gorgeous girls and million dollar breadwinner and overall
kick-ass lady called Leonie Dawson .

I have worked with Leonie’s workbooks for the last few years, been a participant in her academy and loved every minute of it.

Leonie is one of the most querky, unique, bold, loving goddess
orientated, self identified hippy, artist and magnificent woman – whom I
am so grateful to have come into contact with over the last few years.


If you’re allergic to glitter…. sparkles.. rainbows….unicorns…
abundant positive energy and knowing you have the power to make changes
in your life….

Hearing about ways to embrace yourself and being a goddess in your own divine right…

If you’re in comfortable with vibrant colours…. mermaids…or have an
overall intolerance to seeing the good in situations, embracing your
talents and those around you….

or that you find people who
are bursting with energy and life… laughter.. unbearable…. – whom
radiate the most beautiful positive energy and light and offer the most
practical business and life tools to creating your shining year across
the board…

then perhaps this is not the resource for you…

IF HOWEVER… the idea of being surrounded by positive online
support…. by people whom are also on the journey or in the process of
changing their lives for the better… whom like you weren’t sure of
where they wanted to be or how to get there.. however through the loving
guidance and support ascertained from Leonie’s workbooks, the shining
academy… Leonie’s online videos and more…. have started marking
positive change.

If you’d like to make 2016 your year of change..
A year of achievement….
A year of seeing your business or your life the very best it can be….

Check out the link below and embrace Leonie and all of her team’s amazing work:

ORDER your workbook Today

If you find Leonie’s resource beneficial and you do jump on board with
the workbooks. I would love to chat with you, or mastermind with you.