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How much does a website cost | Web design Australia

How much does it cost for a website : Guide to Web Design Australia

How much does a website cost | Web design Australia

As a freelance web designer Australia, the most common question I get asked is “How much does a website cost?”  

Now depending on whom you ask, your answer will usually come back with varied results.   

There are web designers  in Australia that are charging in excess of $5000 – $8000 depending on your requirements and the label /brand credibility attached to the company you’ve requested a quote from. 

I’ve had clients contact me saying they’ve received quotes for more than $6000 with the expectation because the package is more expensive it MUST be better for their business? Then looking at the items they’ve been quoted for  as an experienced web developer, and questioning what they anticipated they were getting for their money? More often than not… it was all about their perceived valued and expectation they’d be looked after…

However, I’ve worked with dozens of clients who have come to me and said they’ve paid out a fortune with 1 or more other companies, they experienced substantial loss, they know their business needs to be online but they honestly don’t know if they can do this again. They just want someone to HELP them.

Helping business owners is a passion of mine and utilising my decade+ of experience and knowledge as web designer. I pride myself on taking care of my clients.  My aim is to offer down to earth support and affordable website solutions for all business owners.

I offer to custom quote all of my clients however I also offer a 5 package Starter website (stand-alone website)  or 3 off the shelf complete packages which include website development + setup integration of some essential business profiles for marketing and growing your business.

So what’s the differences between a Stand Alone Website and a Complete Website Package:

The differences between a stand-alone website or a complete website package are primarily the contents of each offering. Whilst I pack as much as I can into the delivery of my websites, I understand that pricing is super important when you’re looking to get a new website, so I offer  my 5 page starter website as a stand alone website option.

My 5 page starter website is a great foundation, it combines all the basic things you need to have a website and maintain that website for 12 months. The package includes 12 months Website Hosting, Email Hosting & Domain Configuration +  12 months  of monthly Core WordPress backup and maintenance.  This 5 page starter website retails for $880, and is our recommendation for those just starting out.

From there I offer 3 Complete Website Packages tailored  dependent on your requirements.
These packages include:

  • The development of the website of your choosing:
    • 5 page website + blog
    • 8 page website + shop
    • 10 page website + blog ( including 4 blog post starter pack) + shop
  • Setup of key social media and marketing tools:
    • Facebook Business Page +
    • Google My Business/  Google Maps,
  • On Page Search Engine Optimisation for your primary pages
  • User Guide & Skype Consultation time so you can work directly with me.
  • Along with all the resources you’ll need to make the most out of your website.  

Whilst I am more than happy to custom quote your website development and package up services for you.  We have so many clients initially contacting us to ask for “Ballpark figure” so they can budget for their developments and we’ve found these combinations are the best suited.

Our Complete Website Packages include:

  • Growth – Website + Blog – $1760,
  • Foundations – Website + Online Store$2640,
  • Premium Plus  – Website, Blog + Online Store$3520

To browse the full list of package includes visit our Website Package Prices page

WordPress Website Maintenance Packages:

I also offer 3 Maintenance packages that  are designed to support you with general WordPress Backup+ Updating your WordPress website, and provide you with options where you can opt to have content changes made on your behalf on a monthly basis.

Core WordPress Maintenance:
All WordPress websites should be backed up and updated regularly. Many clients find this task to be complicated or uncomfortable and often don’t have the time to spend doing this each month, so they hire Natalie Crowe Designs to do WordPress website maintenance for them.   In this, we take a full backup of your website, then complete the WordPress updates listed on your dashboard. This process is essential for security and is vital for smooth restoration should something go wrong with your website.

Some clients opt to learn to do the WordPress backups and maintenance, however prefer to have Natalie Crowe Designs make content changes and monthly page updates for them. 

Some clients opt to have both of these services monthly WordPress Backup + Update & Monthly Content Updates billed together due to the bulk saving on hourly process.

Learn more about the WordPress Website Maintenance Plans via our WordPress Website Prices Page.


Lastly,  I also offer a variety of other services such as business mentoring and training and support on an hourly rate of $80/hr. 

Once your website is built you’ll have 12 months before you’ll be required to pay a website hosting free / domain renewal again. This gives you sufficient time to put funding away to cover the cost of keeping your website online. 

With flexible payment, affordable pricing and a passion to see you succeed. Client testimonials that rave about our services and so much more.  We’d love to here from you!

Have a great day and if I can be of any assistance, ask a question, prepare a quote or discuss your options.

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