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Gratitude – Reminder of Triumph

Hi Guys.
It’s been a ridiculously busy November, with jobs exceeding my expectations on how well they could go!. I was so very thrilled to see how much I achieved in such a small time frame… but also to see some really radical changes in the mindsets of a lot of our clients, how much further they’ve been able to travel in such a small span of time..  Congratulations to all of our clients who jumped on board for our 11 Websites in the 11th  Month.

As a business owner, it can sometimes be challenging to find that drive or know when exactly the right time is to take action… when is the right time to launch a website.. when is the right time to introduce yourself to someone else… when is the right time to stop and appreciate how amazing you are… how far YOU have come… how much you have achieved and  how much more brilliant you are in the present moment than you were in the past…  

I am so very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in the last 12 months..  even through adversity.. it’s  helped build my resilience and helped me revive myself and my business..

As a little reminder to all of you to make your successes rewarding…  yes it’s amazing to have achieve so much and in the grand scheme of things you’ve achieved great lengths… but without making an active acknowledgement to store that feeling we often forget….  

This time round, I have rewarded myself with a gift for achieving my immediate goals.. I’ve been eying off some beautiful Lisa Pollock Monk canvases…  with messages of gratitude, family and one with the concept of the tree of dreams.. I picked them up yesterday afternoon, and have only just begun hanging them in my office as a totem of my achievements.. although I am not one for material objects, having beautiful things around me that I feel I have truly earnt, not only beautifies my space, but also reminds me of my triumph.


(note.. the photos aren’t great but they look fantastic!)