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Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Web Design - Don't put all your eggs in one basket - You need more than Social Media Presence. Hunter Valley, Web Design Australia

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER – Not to put all your eggs in one basket.

So we recently saw social media crash in a big way, some of you may or may not have noticed but many of the big social media platforms had a major meltdown earlier this week with many people unable to access their accounts, faults only being able to see partial posts – or see names but not content, and other were completely disconnected from their pages and unable to response to feedback, which meant users weren’t able to communicate with others.

Facebook Tweeted:

In the instance of business, this is such a massive issue, when you’ve focused solely on one form of communication with your prospects and customers. For example Facebook, or any other single platform . There’s such a great deal of risk there if something does go wrong.

Social Media Websites, Blogging and Email Marketing - Newsletters - Why you need to use a combination of platforms

Social media are tools to increase your exposure but shouldn’t be your sole point of contact with prospects and customers.

Whilst Facebook and other social media platforms are amazing tools, we don’t essentially own our pages, our contacts and communication. These means of contact are governed by an external source – policies and procedures and we really don’t have full control over any given platform… However, if something did go wrong and by chance your business page was part of a glitch that saw it either temporarily or permanently shut down, would you still be able to connect with your prospects? The answer for most people is No.

This is why it’s so important not to focus all of your attention on one platform and making sure the connections you have are meaningful that filter through to mediums that give you the ability to make backups, account for your communications and manually if need be engage with your community.

How do you connect with prospects outside of social media?

3 Ways to connect with prospects via your website.

  1. Start Your Own Business Website:
    First and foremost, I’d recommend getting a website or  making sure your current website is up to date so that you still have a consistent online presence that represents your business.
  2. Create an online Blog  for your business:
    Secondly I’d be setting up a blog for your business ideally on your own website where you share with your prospect at least once a month.
  3. Setup an email newsletter for your business: 
    And lastly I’d be getting yourself setup with a newsletter and means for your prospects to signup for a newsletter via your website, this can be done by setting up a free account with Mailchimp and connected to your website, so users can sign up for your newsletter.

All of these elements will ensure that irrespective of what’s happening in the social media world, you are still able to communicate with your following.

If any of you would like to arrange a free 30 minute Skype conversation to discuss your options, please feel free to contact us today either online via my contact us page,  via email support@nataliecrowedesigns.com or phone 0423285233

Basic Overview of Skype Consultations Setup

Natalie Crowe Designs Skype Mentoring Info

Before our session via SKYPE

JUMP TO : Downloading SkypeInstallation / Setup an account |   Logging into your account & connecting.

General  Overview:

As your website designer and business mentoring here in Australia, I’ve found the most efficient way to offer my knowledge and experience is to connect with my clients via an online video and call program.   After testing a few different services, we found that Skype was going to be a long term cost effective solution. Skype is FREE to setup an account and use, and would mean we’d be able to continue supporting our clients post completion of their website with technical support and website help. It also meant that we were no longer limited to local business services and we’re not working with clients world wide and have taken on twice as many clients as of 2015.

I’ve completed a dedicated page for SKYPE MENTORING which you can find out more about the type of things we’d cover during a session and more details about pricing.  However, as general rule of thumb Skype Consultations / Skype Mentoring  is $80/hr or if you’re looking to meet more frequently we can tailor packages to suit your requirements.  However let’s dive right in and overview what we’ll be covering in this post.   

This post specifically covers the basic installation and setup of Skype on your computer.   Whilst the installation process is virtually the same for any device, we recommend installing on your computer / laptop as it makes it easier to connect and creates consistency with training materials etc.    Windows PC is my personal preference however I do have Apple Devices which I can make reference for you should you rather apple.


We’ll need to install the software on the computer so we can connect.

To download the software and get started

  • Go to https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/
  • Click the “blue” download button  – usually says something like “Get Skype for Windows”Download your copy of Skype software to your computer
  • Follow the prompts to download the installation file to your computer
    Normally it will ask you to save the file like this:
    Save the Skype Executable file to your computer and install
  • Once the file is downloaded, you’ll need to run the installation.  Generally you’ll get a notification the file has finished downloading or you can just go to your Downloads Folder and fine the new file.  This is usually done by double clicking  the file on your computer and follow the prompts to get the program installed.


We’ll need to create a skype account. You can do this using a Microsoft Account or using any email. If you’ve already got a Skype account, you can skip this section and go straight to logging in.

After you’ve installed the software it’ll give you the option to signup for an account. However I’ve found it’s just easier to go and setup the account via the website.

To setup an account:

  • Got to https://go.skype.com/signup
  • I prefer using email address rather than your phone number for logging in.
    So if you click “Use your email instead”  and follow the prompts.
    Setting up a FREE Skype Account using your email address
  • You’ll answer some questions and configure setup a username and a password.
    Which you’ll use to login to the Skype Software

LOGGING TO SKYPE & Connecting with Natalie Crowe Designs:

Once you’ve installed the software it’s a matter of double clicking the icon on your desktop to open the program.  It’ll then ask you for login details.

Type in your login information and it’ll connect.

The last step here is you’ll either search for NatalieCroweDesigns or let me know what email address you used and I’ll look you up and connect with you.

Natalie Crowe Designs Skype Mentoring Info

* Prices are in Australian Dollars and subject to change.

Looking for help with your website? | Web Design Australia

Affordable Website Help in Hunter Valley, Website Package Pricing Web Design Australia

Web Design Australia | Looking for help with your website?

Natalie Crowe Designs offers affordable website help.

Struggling with your website? Natalie Crowe Designs is a website design company australia offering affordable website package pricing and down to earth business mentoring.

We are based in the Hunter Valley near Cessnock, Maitland, Singleton and Newcastle and work with clients all over the world.

We primarily work with WordPress Websites however have 11 years experience working with a range of systems and would be happy to offer assistance regarding any website issues you may be having.

We tailor packages to your requirements, this could include:

  • WordPress Website Maintenance – Backing up your website and completing routine updates to core WordPress, plugins and themes
  • Content Changes and Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimisation – basically getting you in front of the right people at the right time, whether that be local listings, accessing a page on your website or social media
  • Social Media Management – primary Google My Business & Facebook
  • Skype Business Mentoring: General Business Mentoring from getting clear on your ideas and what you’re wanting to achieve through to general business management and clarifying your vision and strategies. 

Tell me a little bit more about Skype Business Mentoring:

Skype business mentoring uses the online tool that makes meetings a breeze. You can meet with me in the comfort of your own home at a time that’s suitable for you to discuss things that matter to you.   The Skype program itself is used to make voice and video calls, send files – one of the major functionalities I adore – is the”share screen” for training purposes.  Best of All Skype is free to use. You’ll simply download the Skype application from Skype.com and install it on your device –  (ideally your computer) however it does run on other smaller handheld devices like your mobile phone. You’ll then either create a free account or login to an existing account and connect with us by searching for “NatalieCroweDesigns” or providing your details and we’ll connect with you.   

Skype Business Mentoring is a lot more flexible and cost effective as we no longer have to charge for travel and it means we can meet with more clients either during the day or evening depending on your requirements. 

Skype mentoring allows us to go through content more thoroughly, you can connect with me and discuss your ideas, obstacles you’re having and how to overcome them. We also provide online training one on one and can offer website help troubleshooting problems or addressing issues.  A great example could be  around using the “share screen” functionality which allows you to actually show me first hand what is happening for you and allows me to offer assistance. Perhaps you’re getting an error message on your website or even just on your computer. I can work with you to address the issue.

My primary focus here is to help you with your websites and business. If I can be of any assistance, feel free to send an enquiry via our request a quote page  or contact us today on 0423285233


How much does a website cost | Web design Australia

How much does it cost for a website : Guide to Web Design Australia

How much does a website cost | Web design Australia

As a freelance web designer Australia, the most common question I get asked is “How much does a website cost?”  

Now depending on whom you ask, your answer will usually come back with varied results.   

There are web designers  in Australia that are charging in excess of $5000 – $8000 depending on your requirements and the label /brand credibility attached to the company you’ve requested a quote from. 

I’ve had clients contact me saying they’ve received quotes for more than $6000 with the expectation because the package is more expensive it MUST be better for their business? Then looking at the items they’ve been quoted for  as an experienced web developer, and questioning what they anticipated they were getting for their money? More often than not… it was all about their perceived valued and expectation they’d be looked after…

However, I’ve worked with dozens of clients who have come to me and said they’ve paid out a fortune with 1 or more other companies, they experienced substantial loss, they know their business needs to be online but they honestly don’t know if they can do this again. They just want someone to HELP them.

Helping business owners is a passion of mine and utilising my decade+ of experience and knowledge as web designer. I pride myself on taking care of my clients.  My aim is to offer down to earth support and affordable website solutions for all business owners.

I offer to custom quote all of my clients however I also offer a 5 package Starter website (stand-alone website)  or 3 off the shelf complete packages which include website development + setup integration of some essential business profiles for marketing and growing your business.

So what’s the differences between a Stand Alone Website and a Complete Website Package:

The differences between a stand-alone website or a complete website package are primarily the contents of each offering. Whilst I pack as much as I can into the delivery of my websites, I understand that pricing is super important when you’re looking to get a new website, so I offer  my 5 page starter website as a stand alone website option.

My 5 page starter website is a great foundation, it combines all the basic things you need to have a website and maintain that website for 12 months. The package includes 12 months Website Hosting, Email Hosting & Domain Configuration +  12 months  of monthly Core WordPress backup and maintenance.  This 5 page starter website retails for $880, and is our recommendation for those just starting out.

From there I offer 3 Complete Website Packages tailored  dependent on your requirements.
These packages include:

  • The development of the website of your choosing:
    • 5 page website + blog
    • 8 page website + shop
    • 10 page website + blog ( including 4 blog post starter pack) + shop
  • Setup of key social media and marketing tools:
    • Facebook Business Page +
    • Google My Business/  Google Maps,
  • On Page Search Engine Optimisation for your primary pages
  • User Guide & Skype Consultation time so you can work directly with me.
  • Along with all the resources you’ll need to make the most out of your website.  

Whilst I am more than happy to custom quote your website development and package up services for you.  We have so many clients initially contacting us to ask for “Ballpark figure” so they can budget for their developments and we’ve found these combinations are the best suited.

Our Complete Website Packages include:

  • Growth – Website + Blog – $1760,
  • Foundations – Website + Online Store$2640,
  • Premium Plus  – Website, Blog + Online Store$3520

To browse the full list of package includes visit our Website Package Prices page

WordPress Website Maintenance Packages:

I also offer 3 Maintenance packages that  are designed to support you with general WordPress Backup+ Updating your WordPress website, and provide you with options where you can opt to have content changes made on your behalf on a monthly basis.

Core WordPress Maintenance:
All WordPress websites should be backed up and updated regularly. Many clients find this task to be complicated or uncomfortable and often don’t have the time to spend doing this each month, so they hire Natalie Crowe Designs to do WordPress website maintenance for them.   In this, we take a full backup of your website, then complete the WordPress updates listed on your dashboard. This process is essential for security and is vital for smooth restoration should something go wrong with your website.

Some clients opt to learn to do the WordPress backups and maintenance, however prefer to have Natalie Crowe Designs make content changes and monthly page updates for them. 

Some clients opt to have both of these services monthly WordPress Backup + Update & Monthly Content Updates billed together due to the bulk saving on hourly process.

Learn more about the WordPress Website Maintenance Plans via our WordPress Website Prices Page.


Lastly,  I also offer a variety of other services such as business mentoring and training and support on an hourly rate of $80/hr. 

Once your website is built you’ll have 12 months before you’ll be required to pay a website hosting free / domain renewal again. This gives you sufficient time to put funding away to cover the cost of keeping your website online. 

With flexible payment, affordable pricing and a passion to see you succeed. Client testimonials that rave about our services and so much more.  We’d love to here from you!

Have a great day and if I can be of any assistance, ask a question, prepare a quote or discuss your options.

Request A Quote Here

Ruth Crawley Beauty Therapist Heddon Greta | Hunter Valley & Maitland

Ruth Crawley Beauty - Hunter Valley & Maitland | Beauty Therapy

Improving a new client’s existing website:

In September this year we had the pleasure of communicating with the lovely Ruth from Ruth Crawley Beauty.

Ruth had contacted us in regards to her existing website wasn’t performing well on the search engines.  We took some time to review her situation and see how best we were able to assist her.

We noted that although her site did have some optimisations in place it wasn’t drawing enough attention on the search such as Google & Bing. 

Evidence of this was shown when you couldn’t type in any of her service names followed by broader area  locations for example the “Hunter Valley” or “Maitland” opposed to her actual suburb of her  Beauty Studio Heddon Greta, Heddon Greta is only a short drive from Maitland or the Hunter Valley and Ruth’s business wasn’t coming up.

We started working out the best way to improve the situation. We need to add more content connected to Ruth’s site that the search engines could explore that details more in regards to her services and also helped her strengthen her presence online.  

Ruth Crawley Beauty Studio - Website Improvements | Business Mentoring

Web Design & Content Strategy:

We decided to implement A BLOG,  DEDICATED SERVICE pages and implement some SKYPE MENTORING & TRAINING.

  • BLOG – short for Web Log – it’s like an online diary for your business.
    Whilst you don’t necessarily have to write your content from a personal “Dear Diary” type scenario.  However  due to the competitive nature of the beauty industry and the ability to add new content in the form of a blog post, targeted to the type of information that your prospective clients are going to want to read – answering questions they have and demonstrating your wealth of knowledge is truly valuable.


  • Dedicated Service Information Pages – Individual pages with dynamic content added
    Clients could then easily share that particular service around via the link or even just key in the search engine the name of a product or service and the service area for example if they were looking for Micro Skin Needling Hunter Valley  or  Microdermabrasion Maitland chances are these dedicated pages are more likely to show up.


  • Business Mentoring & Training via SKYPE
    Although Ruth is only a short drive away from my office in Abermain,  the convenient of being able to jump on an program on our computers or phones and have a quick chat,  video call, share files and  my favourite feature – share screen we’re able to do so much more. Share Screen allows you to connect with a Skype user and they allow you to view their  screen or you can share yours. We used this amazing tool during training or to walk you through how to address an issue – ie  completing a tasks you’ve not done before or solving problems that are coming up for you.  It makes it 100% easier, more cost effective and the turn around time is cut down to a 1/4. 

    Ie Ruth needed to know how to do a particular task or reiterate something we’d discussed in our last mentoring session, we quickly connected via Skype and I was able to walk her through the process.   It’s pure genius!  And I LOVE the feature.


Ruth Crawley Beauty Maitland & Hunter Valley

You can find out more about Ruth and her services  via her website or visit her on FACEBOOK

Ruth Crawley Beauty Studio provides professional beauty services for the Hunter Valley including Heddon Greta, Maitland, Cessnock and Kurri Kurri.

These services include: Micro Skin Needling,  Microdermabrasion, IPL Hair Removal, LED Skin Healing, Manicure & Pedicure, Oxygen Therapy, Spray Tans Services, Facial Therapy, Waxing Services & Peel Treatments

Salon hours:
By appointment only.
Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
Late appointments are available Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
EFTPOS is available.

For appointments phone:
0438 279 099.

3 Top Tips for getting UNSTUCK

My 3 steps to getting unstuck:



  • Sift through your list and decide on up to 3 tasks. 
  • Set timer and work for 33 minutes, Take a 6 minute break
  • Rinse & Repeat


  • What’s something you could reward yourself with today ?
  • This doesn’t have to be elaborate – could be a COFFEE or a new book /stationary, Longer Hot Shower, To go somewhere nice to have lunch.  Sit out in the sun for half an hour for lunch break. Take the dog for a walk or the kids to the park after work etc.  Simple things.

– Create mental space  to process:

Brainstorming Exercise / Brain Dump – Clear the mental clutter:

Things you’ll need:

  • Timer  – You can use your phone  or actual timer
  • Either our NCD Brainstorming Worksheet or just a piece of paper
  • Pen / writing apparatus


Let’s do this! BRAIN DUMP

Print out a few of your worksheets or grab a few pieces of paper and write 1 to 10 down the side.

Set your timer  to 5, 10 or 15 minutes and  once you turn on the time proceed to write out as many ideas as possible until that time stops – DO NOT STOP WRITING until the timer goes off.

The purpose of the activity to to write down ANYTHING that comes up in that timeframe. It doesn’t have to be solely business.   Your ideas DO NOT  have to be thought out or coherent. Just get them down on paper.

It could be :

  • Must order stock,
  • Book an appointment, 
  • Do the dishes,
  • Call Cynthia about XYZ,
  • Feed the cat. 
  • Ideas for content for your blog
  • Business ideas..

ANYTHING that’s holding space in your mind.

Once the time goes off – take a minute catch your breath, and check out all of the notes you’ve put down.   Even if you completed this for several days; you could potentially come up with 100s of ideas to work through. Granted not all of them are going to be usable or practical  but it’s now clear space in your mind. 

– Decide & Take Action:

What can you start working towards today?

Things you’ll need:

Let’s do this! DECIDE & ACT

Take a look down your list.   What 3 TASKS can you start working on today?

Note – If there is nothing on that list that’s worthwhile working on.  Rinse and Repeat Step 1  – Brainstorming “What can I work on today?”

Write down your 3 TASKS  so you’re clear on what it is.

33 Minutes On and 6 Minutes OFF 

Your brain works in funny ways and we’re wanting to harness it’s capacity. You focus better when you’re on a timer and you know that you’re working towards a goal.

Our goal today “How much can I get done of Task 1 / 2/ 3 in 33 minutes.

Obviously you can repeat this process multiple times for each task. But it’s having a structure to follow that delivers results.

WORK TIME – 33 Minutes GO GO GO!

  • Set your timer to 33 minutes. 
  • Leave your timer where you can see it.
  • Get stuck into the work you need to do for that task.

When the timer goes off its BREAK TIME!!  Well done for sticking to your agreement. 

BREAK TIME – 6 Minutes GO GO GO!
Now reset your time to 6 minutes .

Go do something physical:

  • Go get a coffee.
  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Walk outside. 
  • Take a breather.

When the timer for the 6 minutes is up.  Head back to the office.  Start again.


  • WORK TIME – 33 Minutes GO GO GO!
  • BREAK TIME – 6 Minutes GO GO GO!

– Reward yourself / Acknowledge your efforts:

Celebrate your wins! Be proud of yourself – Enjoy your reward.

Even if you DIDN’T get everything finished today.  Even if you only worked through 1 or 2 task on your list.   The mere fact that you showed up and followed through with your decision and took action is AMAZING.  You totally deserve your chosen reward  and you should definitely celebrate your wins!!

If you did take action today  we’d love to hear about it.  We have dedicated FACEBOOK GROUP for like minded business owners and we’d LOVE for you to share your news!

Natalie Crowe Designs Business Support Group on Facebook
  Easy going Website Design & Business Mentoring

If you’d be interested in discussing your options for Business Mentoring or getting some assistance with your website and online presence please feel free to pop us a message via the CONTACT US page,  add us to skype: NatalieCroweDesigns OR instant message our Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns

Looking for more than just a website designer | Hunter Valley

Easy going Website Design & Business Mentoring

Down to earth Website Designer & Website Help

Hello there lovely,

Nat here, I just thought I’d  stop by the blog and do a little heart to heart post.

It’s 1:52am on Thursday morning.

I’m writing this whilst the thought is fresh in my mind.  Armed with an Ovaltine Hot Chocolate embracing the early hours of the morning – some find it strange, but it’s my optimum working time and most uninterrupted creative period and to be honest when you work with clients all over the world.  You adapt to difference in timing.

I’ve actually been busily working through my ideas on how best I could help others…

Whilst I am working with a heap of clients at the moment…  I want to help more… I want to do more… I want to support more people…

I’ve been in business for 10 years and I’ve worked with 100s of business owners to improve and grow their businesses over this time. 

I have worked with all types of businesses, all types of business owners and all types knowledge and experience.

From business owners who have absolutely no tech experience, through to those who are competent, and all the way back to the experts who just don’t have time to work on their websites and grow their presence.

I spend a great deal of my time working with  and mentoring / training individuals on how to get the most out of their websites. How to get their target market’s attention and to cope with those changes.

Change is inevitable but accepting it is another story…  I help my clients cope with change.

I honestly LOVE the diversity that my business brings… 

Some days I’ll work with corporate clients… it’s very structured and formal in how we operate.. Whilst my style of support doesn’t change, it’s shaped more specifically around collared shirts, procedures and structure.

Other days I’ll have Skype mentoring with clients who grab a cuppa and have chat around what’s happening for them… what goals are they trying to achieve and how we can use the technology in front of them to grow and strengthen their business.

My line of work is SO diverse… Websites are great… I love being able to build infrastructure behind a business. The ins and outs of how it all comes together and how much of an impact it makes… not only for the client, for their family, their clients and the community.

However more often than not, those clients who are regular clients, come to me with the obstacle of needing a website or having a website they’re not happy with… and  are looking for more in their website designer – more support… more guidance and more connectivity than just being a number to some big corporation… 

I LOVE the fact that I AM able to offer that Down To Earth connection and support myself and my family whilst I do something I love.. 

I LOVE the diversity, I LOVE how I’m able to work with so many varied experiences. That looking past all of the stereotypical focus on presentation and “this is what business looks like”…  You must  talk this way, look this way, act this way to be socially accepted. Which is WRONG….

When it boils down to it… Most home based businesses or business start-ups began from humble beginnings.. 

Each business owner at one point or another said ENOUGH is ENOUGH…. taking their own story, their own experiences and their own gifts to impart in the own hands and doing something about it.

I can tell you right now…  That’s NOT how it works..  diversity and difference is a wonderful thing and I find my clients become very comfortable with the factor, I’m honest, realistic and no frills…  

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the corporate ladder and still can “kick it” with the formal business… but I know damn well that my super customers or customers who generally mesh well; with me and my personality, are business owners – who aren’t fixated on what stereotypical business looks like…

However they ARE wanting genuine support, guidance and someone to hear them out, hold the space and help them work through their obstacles..

I get it… I started my business too from that place. I know what it’s like to have to find means to support your family, keep food on the table and roof over your head.  I too got to the point where I said  ENOUGH is ENOUGH….

I get it that you’ve got big dreams, I understand you have a whole lot of responsibility and I’m all to familiar with the idea that you have very little time carved out to dedicate to you and your goals…. 

Whether your challenges consist of any one or more of the following – then I hear you:

  • You’re a Stay at home parent – with desires to improve your lifestyle.
  • You’ve got a business idea but not sure how to implement it.
  • You’ve got heavy responsibilities from family, child wrangling &/or love ones.
  • You’re currently only on a single income stream and struggling.
  • You’re starting from scratch and wanting help to lay solid foundations.
  • You’re unhappy with the way things currently are in your life  and want some help moving forward. .
  • You’re feeling stuck, you’ve got solid ideas of what you want but not sure how to get there.
  • You keep getting in your own way. Knowing what you “need” however get stuck instead of “doing”
  • Struggling to make ends meet day in and day out.
  • Have an established business but want more from that business.
  • Have ideas and goals for growing your business but need someone to support you and provide accountability
  • Not supported by those around you and need a sounding board.
  • Goals and ambitions for your business and not sure where to start.

At some point or another in the last decade of being in business I’ve been there too, as have many of my existing clients.  We’ve together, overcome many of those obstacles and moved towards a much happier, healthier and abundance outcome and I couldn’t imagine my life and my work any other way.

Paws Up… Who needs help with their website or business?
Web Design & Business Mentoring Hunter Valley

If you think you’d like to discuss your options with regards to your websites and how best to get from where you are now to where you want to be.  Please feel free to send Natalie Crowe Designs a message via our Contact Us Page or connect with me us through the various mediums available: