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Getting it Sorted – Making a commitment to stretch

Good Morning all, it’s been a long 48 hours. But it’s been so worth
it. Lots of things happening and late nights /early morning knock offs
mean that lots is being achieved.

Tell me something Is it
just me? or is there always something more that you want to do? I have
so many things I’d like to do as a business owner to help others and so
many things I’d like to do to build my business.

[After thought:] I think this post was a little bit of on the spot clarification… – if you found it helpful let us know!

With so much on the list to achieve .. There’s only one thing to do.. GET IT SORTED!
1) Make a list…
2) Allocate times…
3) and scheduled it in!!
4) Make the commitment to stretch and go hard.

It will mean that I need to say NO to some projects that come along… but it’s part and parcel. One step at a time!

So what’s on the agenda?
I have consultations tonight with Cessnock Motorcycle Club – so further
planning , I have Carmichael Estate website content plan to write,
Hunter District Hunting Club Website Updates, Cessnock Rifle Club
Website Updates, No Insects Website updates. I have the second Quilts
for Cots Logo design and several websites to do Search Engine related
and Facebook Management for today.

Full day booked in. —
I’ll be in the office for the majority of today, if needed please feel
free to leave a message via the mobile or send me an email and I will
reply once I have completed today’s to-do list.

With that day
plan! Let’s brighten the mood! Through out today I’ll be posting colour
posts via our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns)! I want to see your colours!! I want to see you shine!!


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Have a great day!