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Natalie Crowe Designs has been working with local Genealogical Society  ” Maitland & District Genealogical Society Inc”  MDGS for short…  to develop a new website to share the services and provide the public with a means to make enquiries about the historic information stored within the various resources the Society has.

MDGS underwent a name change and is now known as Maitland & Beyond Family History Inc. in 2016 and the new website reflects this change.

Designing the Website For MDGS.org.au

The original development was close to $3000 worth, with a great deal of time and planning as to what was needed long-term for the Society. Things like; Where the site would be going in the years that followed the development of the website and the simplicity needed so that members of the Society could self manage and update their new website.

I met with several members of the society at the Barracks at 17 Lindesay  Street, East Maitland to discuss the website development needs and what would be best suited for the growing society – long term. 

After the consult, I spent time going over what was currently available in way of an online presence and what other services were offering.  Whilst there were very little in the way of offerings locally,  I  felt a strong connection with the Society and what the Society had to offer.  I felt that the Society provided the local community with many an amazing resources, not only connecting the past with the present and helping people connect the dots but the many uncovered gems here, the preservation of our history and what we’d provide for future generations.  My primary aim, whilst being in business, was to support and nurture… with the conscious intent of ensuring this type of resource was available for years to come.  

Whilst I often donate time and funds to community services like this. I wanted to include at least a $600 discount from my current years “donation budget” as a way to give back, by the time I’d finished the proposal – from memory think we reached a collective to $870 worth of time donate to the Society free of charge as a means of supporting the amazing efforts of the volunteers at this not for profit service.

For more information on what the service offers – visit their website  – http://mdgs.org.au  

Maitland & Beyond Family History Inc - MDGS.org.au


Maitland & District Genealogical Society Inc (MDGS) was originally formed in 1998 as the Maitland Family History Circle Inc.  12 years later the name was changed; and following many years operating from the Community Room at Maitland Library on Wednesday mornings, MDGS moved to its current location at the Mounted Police Barracks, 17 Lindesay Street, East Maitland in 2011.  In 2016 MDGS became Maitland & Beyond Family History Inc.

Current operating times are:

  • Wednesday, 9:30am – 3:00pm
  • Saturday, 9:30am – 3:00pm
  • Other times by appointment

While we are located in Maitland, our research is not restricted to Maitland alone.  We can help you with your ancestors whether they lived locally or beyond; came free or convict; English, Scottish, Irish!

A sample of what we have available:

  • An electronic database of people who are mentioned in our resources
  • An extensive Library, that includes books on a variety of topics of interest to researchers, as well as research on specific families
  • A large archive of research completed over many years
  • NSW Registers of Baptisms, Burials and Marriages, 1787 – 1856 (microfilmed images of Parish Registers)
  • Transcribed Parish and Cemetery Records from the local area and beyond
  • Transcripts of Death Registers from the Maitland Court House, 1856 – 1945
  • Pioneer Registers from the local area and beyond
  • A large range of CDs and digital material from Australia and overseas
  • Transcribed Electoral Rolls from our local area and beyond
  • Land Records, Maps and Rate Books of our local area that can help you find where your ancestor lived and/or if they owned land