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Great Business Mentoring Session

Had an amazing mentor session with a lovely local lady, we chatted in
relation to what she’d been learning after attending a local course and
the list of “to-dos” she’d prepared.. Things she’d like to do with her
website and within her business. We talked about how she’d achieve some
of those items and scoped out what was going to be the best avenue for
her to take to achieve her primary goals. Whilst all these are
standard production or outcomes during a mentor session, the
amazing part was to see the transformation in the lovely lady.. Whilst
she doesn’t see it as clearly, there is definite progression in what
she’s working towards and achieving..

We are all working on something… we are all trying to get
somewhere… to the next post.. to the next milestone… but sometimes
as business owners, as mums dads, siblings, friends and AS PEOPLE we
forget to appreciate our journey and how far we’ve come…

Keeping track of what you’re working towards, what you’ve achieved and most of all what changes you’ve made within yourself..

* Be that stepping up and accepting the challenge
* putting yourself out there… even just a little bit
* Being able to verbalise what you need and to be able to find strategy
on how to at least get to the NEXT step.. not to the end of the tunnel
but the next step… –

Whilst we fight so hard to try and have
it all figured out…all we really need to do at this point in time is
work out the NEXT step… not the 15 steps ahead.. we can’t take those
leaps until we’ve taken them…

You don’t have to have it all
figured out.. just know what you’re working for … the HOW will show
up.. if you keep working on next action you can take right now…

This evening was a pleasure! And to boot! I was so very impressed that
there was no need for Leonie Dawson Bird Course analogy…. 🙂 The bird was on course!!!

I love my job and seeing my awesome clients blossom
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