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Email Security | Trojan Horse Virus | Document.zip or IMG.zip

Hey all just a reminder to be vigilant with your email security. We’ve discovered that two local businesses on our mailing list have sent out an email with a zip file attachment that when opened triggers the virus to be sent to their entire email list..

These emails include:

First email:
Subject line: Fwd: Documents-323
Body message: Please look invoice attached.  
Attachment: document.zip

Second Email:
Subject line: Quotation Sheet_Snowman
Body:  Sent from my iPad
Attachment: IMG.zip

Both of these contain a trojan horse virus
AVG picked up both of these:

We highly recommend you upgrade your virus scanners to the latest version, scan your computer and make sure you’ve removed the files from your computer to avoid any contamination.

If you’ve by chance opened the email, you need to notify your contact list to avoid any further contamination and then address the issue accordingly.

As always, we recommend doing a regular back up of your computer to ensure if things like this happen that you are able to simply restore your computer to  the previous state.

If we can be of any assistance please let us know.
Thanks in advance.