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DIY Product Photography at Home


Take a professional product photo from home using your phone!

As someone who completely values the work and efforts and talent a professional photographer has in order to create the masterpieces that they produce, it’s also beneficial to try and keep costings down when you’re just starting out in business.  Professional product photography can often be expensive and is something we often don’t have the needed budget to have every product we create professional photographed.

Although we don’t have tangible products so-to-speak, we do have ample clients who do, and who struggle with getting crisp professional images without the need to book in a photographer each time they release a new product.  It’s not practical.  Being able to take professional looking photos of your products at home  would not only be a great skill to have but it will improve the enticement levels of clients to want to purchase your product – simply on how it looks!

This is where,  the wonderful “youtube”, can play a major part in the learning process.    By simply going to youtube and typing in what you want to know you will literally find hundreds of video tutorials,  keying in “DIY product photography” or “Product Photography Tutorials” will bring up ample videos to get started.

Below you’ll find one of the many I’ve watched that seemed to have the most relevant information and for businesses with small scale products this would be fantastic! All of those  soaps and candles, jewellery and more.

IPhone Product Photography Tutorial At Home:

Check out the video; it uses:
►a white box,
►3 desk lamps,
►an iPhone
►and a piece paper.

How easy is this!!

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10 Product Photography Tips


This video contains  more complex tips… for those who have camera with fancy features

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