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What’s happening at NCD HQ – January Overview


Hey there!

How are you? Great start to 2016 here,  we’ve been flat out with all of the events of School Holidays; catching up with family and friends, Christmas and New Years celebrations.   

As a family we’ve have spent days having adventures, outdoors or indoors in the loungeroom or at the local park. Building, cooking, crafting and creating memories.

My daughter has had visitation with her Dad’s family, which has meant that I’ve had a little more time up my sleeve to do some self development study in my “free time”.   

Just like one could expects when “free time” arrives, there are always things to be done and during the second last week of January,  My “free time” – when combined to the local shopping centre… managed to evolve to include a pretty nasty fall  – a sprain my knee and factured my tailbone… (-Yes; I don’t do things in halves!  It’s it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well right??)  after a few visits to the hospital, xrays and doctors appointments – it was safe to say I was done for my quota of excitement for one month…  Time to calm down…  focus on getting back to routine and getting settled.  My injuries are going to take months to heal and there’s not a lot we can do..

On “bedrest”, I’d taken the opportunity whilst we’re not working on client products to really amp up my studies and focus on making the most of the may days of January.

During this amazing month of January we’ve:

  • * Participated in Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing Short Course
  • * Met with some of our amazing local business women for brainstorming sessions
  • * Progressed in our Leonie Dawson Workbooks
  • * Further completed stages of Leonie’s Academy
  • * Planned out several new products and services to be release in 2016
  • * Introduced a new management philosophy into the business
  • * Reached my savings goals ahead of schedule- Saving the needed funds for our Shining Canberra Retreat with Leonie and the Team at the end of February.  

Not to mention started to recover !

This whole process for this month has really flown,  it feels like it was only yesterday we were gearing up for Christmas Day and now we’re moving forward with 2016 at a rapid pace!  Heck, my daughter is in second class this year?  When did that happen??

It’s amazing how we grow, change and adapt to our surroundings…  but it can be scary knowing how fast paced life is – now-a-days…

Whilst I don’t want to wish the time away, as I have heaps of things I want to do this year – 2016… I am so very much looking forward to heading to Canberra next month on a Solo adventure of self growth, learning and development.

Look At Canberra!!!  Natalie Crowe Designs is coming to your neighbourhood!