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Question Time: How do you keep track of your clients


Good Morning,

After a conversation with a colleague, it was quite interesting to hear the different approaches to managing or keeping track of clients from person to person.   I would put everything down in a note book or display folder for each of my clients so all of their file was together, but carrying 4 files with me when I’d do  heavy consultation day, meant I needed a truck get from A to B and so forth.

There are an ample amount of digital software out there that can be used, for example keeping a (Microsoft) Word document for each client, an Excel spreadsheet or Access database,  in the past I’ve liked OneNote for it’s flexibility and digital factoring  when it comes to creating notebooks and what not… however I found it tedious having to take notes  on paper then transfer them back into the OneNote program after a consultation.  So the quest continued….

That was up until I came across EVERNOTE..