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NCD Corkboard Intro

Good Morning Everyone!

After the realisation this morning we have exactly 3 months til Christmas, it was a little bit of a wake up call that 2012 is coming to an end rather quickly.  2012 has been a big year for us with plenty of changes happening, a new office, introduction of credit card payment facilities, plenty of sites, studies and training and  a lot of movement in what services we offer you guys.   

In all of this; the last 9 months, we’ve been pinning things on corkboards all year with ideas and developments, plans  and endless to-do lists but we’ve decided it’s now time to take action NCD Corkboard is our means of tracking progress, sharing with you guys without updating facebook statuses every five minutes and also keeps an accountability for actions and improvements we want to make for Natalie Crowe Designs.

In saying all of this. This will be both personalised and down to earth approach to business blogging. Natalie Crowe Designs is run by a  real person. working with real people.  It’s one thing to offer a corporate image and portray yourself as a bigwig company, but 99% of our clientelle aren’t looking for that and we know that. We’re a home-based business, much like most of you. We have a family to support, life commitments and a passion for our work.

Stay tuned for plenty of tips, website launches, updates on trends, triumphs and learning curves that will take place whilst we’re on our journey to build a service for you. Natalie Crowe Designs – your one stop shop when it comes to getting a website.

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