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Natural Disasters

guys – Nat here… I have wanted to send me thoughts to those
suffering at the moment due to our natural disasters going around the
nation. I have to admit, although we’re not directly impacted by the
fires within NSW at the moment, I had been rather emotional for those
who are suffering right now.. I was absolutely disgusted after seeing a
news story that looters have been targeting the “evacuated
areas” where by residents have fled their homes due to the fires… and
poor excuses for human beings have raided the houses stealing tvs, cash
and property… seriously what the hell is wrong with people!! One
report said that a 12 and 13 year old teens were responsible for one lot
of fires, It makes me so angry that some of these fires were
deliberately lit by arsonists and there are people who are losing
everything…. yet there are lowlifes that seize the opportunity to just
keep on taking – I am so genuinely sorry for those impacted. My heart
breaks for you..

I know it’s not helping directly and that
this is not the most professional means of expressing my heart ache for
all of you, but I am sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone – We’ll
do a rain dance or something and help bring on the rain and put an end
to these fires.

If we; Natalie Crowe Designs
can do anything to help any of you, please don’t hesitate to contact
us. I am so sorry once again.. We’re here to help and we’ll do what we
can make a difference.

Please stay safe .
My thoughts are with you. x