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How can I promote my business on a limited budget?

1. Start off simple.
Utilise the FREE tools available

List your business on free listing sites, – (From memory) yellow pages has a free listing option, truelocal has a free listing option.

2. Start a Facebook page – If you’re not sure how. Seek someone who can.

3. Get yourself a Business Card.

Most business use Vistaprint as a foundation – they have starter cards for as little as $30 for 250 cards delivered (may change since time of post) using one of their designs populated with your details – (Although, if you’re an established business – I’d recommend steering away from Vistaprint designs and creating your own identity – having a card designed , as there are thousands of businesses using the same designs. This is ideal as a starting point.

If you’re crafty enough, you could also make your cards. You can create business cards in some of the Microsoft Office Programs and make some yourself. Print them, decorate, if you can get hold of a laminator this may be another option. They are not as professional – but an option.

4.Hand out business cards when meeting people.One for them and one for them to pass on.

5.Leave cards at local establishments – Business Enterprise Centres, Preschool,Sports groups, Pin them on the notice board at the shopping centre.

6.Make a brochure – Make a list of what you offer, if you can help it put photographs or samples of your work and leave tear off strips for people to take, leaving these on notice boards in the local community.

7.Pass your brochure around often!

8.Sponsor your local school.

Donate your services or products, or ask what’s involved to get in their newsletter

9.Do a mailbox drop

I found a DL sie (1/3 A4 Page) brochure or even 1/2 A4 page works well.

For a little ink, time on the computer, and a bit of persperation to walk the neighbourhood you could find your next big client.

10.Setup a website – as a web business we know that having a website is important, there are freebie sites you can setup, To read about the Benefits of having your own website and Free or Cost effective places to get one

11.Start a blog. – A blog is an abbreviation for “Web Log” – Almost like an online Journal for your business – Although you don’t have to keep it so personal that you’re telling everyone what you’re having to eat for breakfast every morning ( may be appropriate if you’re a personal trainer or health guru – but otherwise)

12.Volunteer your time/skills services in exchange for Testimonial/Reviews or Service

13.Talk about your business, your passion and your interests.

14.Send out a mailing list

15.Attend a market and talk to prospective customers

16.Go to events where similar businesses are or prospective customers are likely to be and interact with them, see how things run, get a feel for what it’s like.

17Ask some in your industry for advice, support or mentorship

18.Sponsor events that your target market are likely to be at – Enquire how much it would cost to be a sponsor and what’s involved. If it’s not do-able right now put it in the – possibilities in the future box.

19.Create signs and place them locally. – Trip to hardware store for Corflute Boards, Poster paint – Permanent Markets and some patience to write a quick message.

20.Add your business contact details to your email footer.