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History of Natalie Crowe Designs

History of Natalie Crowe Designs:

Originally as  a NEIS (New Enterprise Initiative Scheme)
business. Natalie Crowe Designs has grown and evolved into a profitable
and exceptionally rewarding means of supporting my growing family.

Over the past 7 years or so, to which we’ve been established,
I have learned so much, met so many amazing businesses and made some
life long friends.

Through this experience, I  definitely got more than I could
ever ask for..  My initial goal was to just make ends meet as most stay
at home or Work At Home Parents (WAHP or WAHM) experience.  Being
financially independent had always been the motivation and working from
home gave me so much more flexibility and ability to divvy out my time
to my family, life commitments in addition to my work.