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February – Flying Fast!

February seemed to fly by so fast..  The first 3 weeks were packed with  client work and getting things in order for my trip to Canberra for a business retreat, the last was the week that was my personal retreat and really stepping into another level of business knowledge and understanding:

The goals this month were to:

* Take on 3 new website clients, [ SUCCESS ] * Schedule in around 100 hours of work within first 3 weeks of Feb  [ SUCCESS ] * Implement Maintenance Top Up Service  [ SUCCESS ] * Read first 3 Chapters of E-Myth Revisited  [ SUCCESS ] * Prepare for Solo Trip to Canberra for Leonie Dawson’s Shining Business Retreat – Canberra [ SUCCESS ] * Be the sponge…. soak up everything I could at the Shining Business Retreat! [ SUCCESS ]

I want to do a whole other blog post on the retreat as it was truly magical… and something that I am so grateful to have been a part of. The people I met, the knowledge I gained and the overall stepping out of my comfort zone in order to drive 4 1/2 hours out to Canberra one way – on my own  adventure, away from my family  and really soak up 4 days  of amazing experiences  2 days of  business retreat with the wonderful LEONIE DAWSON AND GRANT ANDREW, to take a solid focus on ME and MY BUSINESS.

I came back with a new prospective, with new inspiration and new focus on what I wanted to achieve..  

I came back with new amazing friends, Jennifer, Cheralyn to name a few!

I am so grateful for this entire month! It’s been wonderful!
To many more great things!!!