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Product: Stand-alone shopfront!

I don't want all the bells and whistles I just want to sell online!.

Natalie Crowe Designs offers a Stand-Alone Shopfront package that comes with all the things you need just to get your business up and running as an online store however it is a cheaper alternative to our completely integrated  NCDAchieve system.

Perfect for those who process payment using  Paypal and Direct Deposit or Cash on Pickup, the system gives you all the tools you'll need to run your online business with more cost effective rates to kept your website up and running in the future.

Natalie Crowe Designs: Ecommerce Pack:

♦ Custom Designed Website
♦ Contents of STARTER package
   - 5 Page website
   - Contact Enquiry Form
   - Website Address registered for 12 months
   - Website Hosting for 12 months
   - Basic Search Engine Optimisation for Google etc.

♦ NCD SAS (Stand-Alone Shopfront) System installed and configured.
♦ Initial product and catalog entry (up to 20 products and 20 catalogs).
   The system allows for unlimited products and categories, however as a part of the setup process we'll give you a solid foundation adding the first 20 products before we hand over the website to you. Meaning you can essentially start processing orders on the day of handover. 
♦ Setup of Paypal Gateway ($50 extra to setup additionals)
♦ Ability to Edit your own website
♦ How to Guide Provided

♦ All this from $1300.00

Note:   It may also be possible to install additional software to your SAS system  website hosting, although the system won't be as tightly integrated as our NCDAchieve system,  in terms of freedom and flexibility this option means you (optionally) can build onto the webiste. For example you may wish to add a Blog at a later date. This functionality can be achieved by installing a blogging software that complies with your current website hosting arrangements.

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