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Only 4 places left in our 11th Month 11 business promotion

Who NEEDs a website?! ONLY 4 more places left in the 11th Month, 11 Businesses Promotion! I am so excited!!
We have 4 final places to fill before November 1st. AND one of those 4 places could be your business!!!!

The promo in a nut shell, for November we were looking to smash out a quantity of websites that we’ve never achieved before – It’s also a mindset to put yourself that little bit further to achieve and November 2013 is going to be a big one here at Natalie Crowe Designs! We have a tonne of clients on the board to have work completed in November – the ones you’re currently seeing featured here are some of the website clients we’re building websites

The 11 businesses will be featured in our promotions through-out November. Via our Facebook Page, our Website, our Blog, Newsletter and local promotions!

This opportunity is a big one for business owners all over, with the opportunity to reach a large number of new clients, spread the word about your fabulous business and also help build solid foundations for your business. The promotions and advertising come FREE when your business is one of the 11 business who get their website developed by Natalie Crowe Designs in November.

We will be taking on more than 11 clients this month, but it’s first in best dressed! If you would like to get your website developed, if you would like to get a quote, I am more than happy to discuss your options. We have 5 full days left before the promotion starts. Don’t leave it until it’s to late to get your website up and running and receive that great business promotion with our Natalie Crowe Designs Facebook Fans and business community.

If you’d be interested in getting quote see the following comments for details on how. — Can’t wait to start developing some of these amazing websites!!!