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COVID-19 RELIEF – NCD Quick Order+ Website Package

NCD Quick Order+ Blog Website Package
Online Orders + 5 Page WordPress Website + Blog

COVID-19 Relief / Rapid Response Website
NCD Quick Order+ Website Package

Was $2411+GST  ($2652.10)
Now Only $1600 + GST ($1760)

Online Order Form & Payment + 5 Page WordPress Website + Blog

NCD Quick Order website package includes:

Package was $2652.10 now only $1600 + GST ($1760)

Tell me a little more about the package:

COVID-19 Rapid Response Website 2 : NCD Quick Order+ Package

Take your business online  with our Quick Order+ website. Allowing your customers to easily place an order using a simple online order form and pay online via VISA or MASTERCARD.  With both longterm benefits whilst keeping your short-term goals in mind!

The NCD Quick Order Form system is website and blog setup which we’ve incorporated a custom ONLINE ORDER FORM that connects  with STRIPE to accept payments online that go into your bank account within 2 business days.

This website package contains a 5 page website, blog + 1 page custom order form with all the basic components you need to start selling online ASAP, and would be perfect for you if you’re selling a smaller number of items or set priced items you’re wanting to sell online however you are not wanting to worry about full blown eCommerce store with all the complications and setup of logins and member areas etc.

In terms of the technical site, we take all as of the hassle out of setting up the infrastructure of your online form and website +  your payment gateway.

We work with you online via Skype throughout the setup process, whether that be training, troubleshooting or working out the best form of action for you.

We setup the Payment Gateways which include either PayPal or Stripe which means you won’t have to struggle trying to work out what needs to take place.

We setup your online blog which you’ll be able to continue to share content and updates to your prospective customers in regards to things happening and changing in your business.

The package will include the cost of the FORM SOFTWARE license for 12 months and the setup of your form to suit your business.

We offer the down to earth technical support, via Skype, Facebook Page Messenger, Phone & Email and support you through the process.

We take care of 12 months Website Backup & WordPress Updates


+ 5 Page Custom Built WordPress Website + which you can easily edit and add new content as you grow.

+ Quick Order Form whereby we purchase and implement the software and create a custom form to suit your ordering requirements.

+ Setup of your Stripe on your behalf in order to accept payments online.  We recommend STRIPE as Stripe processes payments within 2 business days and deposits the money less the fees to your bank account which is often more convenient!

+ Blog Setup

+ 12 Months Website Hosting & Domain

+ 12 Months email hosting – ie   [info]@[yourbusiness].com.au

+ FREE SSL Certificate

+ Standard Search Engine Optimisation

+ Ability to edit using WordPress Content Management System

+ Device Responsive Web Design

+ Help getting your website found on Google with on-page SEO including Yoast SEO Plugin setup, Google Analytics setup, sitemap submission to Google Search Console.

+ Implementation of advance WordPress Security Strategies

+ 12 Months WordPress Backup & Core Updates maintenance package ( normally $65/m or $780  Annually worth!) meaning you can focus on  marketing your business and serving your customers with the peace of mind knowing your website is secure.

NCD Quick Order+ Website Package Pricing:

This package would
normally retail for $2411 +GST.

HOWEVER as a means of supporting all of our clients during COVID-19 we’re offering to cover $811 of your the package price. This $811 includes the cost of 12 months website hosting ($300) , the cost of your 12 months order form software ($100) and covers more than 50% of your 12 months WordPress maintenance plan which would normally be $65/m or $780/yr saving of $411!.

You’ll only pay $1600 +GST for our
NCD Quick Order+ Website Package
during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We will also be offering payment plans for this $1600 for approved clients. This will mean clients will need to provide an initial deposit however the remainder of the development will be covered on a payment plan to allow them to pay off their accounts.


Renewals are due annually for your Website Hosting +domain name & the Online Order Form Software which equates to $425 a year.

The 12 months WordPress Maintenance Plan is recommended optional extra that can be reordered after the first 12 months, either monthly, quarterly or you can opt out / learn to do this yourself to save money.

You own all of your website content, the website will facilitate the ability to process payments via the website using the setup form and you will be able to build your business as needed through blogging and other measures. Long after the Coronavirus Pandemic is over.

This is not just a solution to bringing your business online but an opportunity to improve and grow.

We want you to succeed and we’re here to help, and may also be able to implement this for existing WordPress Websites.


Enquire about the NCD Quick Order+ Package
via the form at the bottom of this page

Package was $2652.10 now only $1600 + GST ($1760)

When Nat first asked if I’d be able to write a testimonial for her revamped website, I didn’t give it a second thought. After the complete and utter chaos my poor website has been through over the past few months, it was the least I could do to say thank you!

Right from day one back in 2016, Nat has been fantastic and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail and complete dedication to each and every little niggle I throw at her continues to amaze and impress me.

So, it was only natural that when the time came to move my website off its existing host server and onto a new one, I knew Nat was THE person for the job. Throughout the process, we encountered several hiccups (over and above the ‘typical’ hiccups associated with a move) which caused extra stress, frustration, and at times the need to vent via several inappropriate expletives which need not be repeated. Throughout the whole ordeal Nat maintained complete professionalism, worked on the issues over countless hours and a couple of sleepless nights, and reassured and updated me as she went on where things were at.

To say the move was a success wouldn’t be completely accurate, and unfortunately we then had to turn around and move the site AGAIN just 6 weeks later. Despite the heavy feeling in our hearts, we both dug deep and just got on with it. Again, Nat was wonderful at both the work she did in moving my site AND her reassurance and constant contact. Thankfully this time it was a resounding success and I know my site would be no where near as amazing as it is without her help and support.

If there was ever a 100% top notch developer and business mentor then Nat would have to be it. I am beyond thrilled with the work she has completed for me thus far and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership as my businesses continue to grow. Thank you for everything lovely lady!

Lisa Ratford

Detailed Bag Patterns, Andrie Designs

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