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Natalie Crowe Designs is a Hunter Valley based Website Design and Development business. We offer a variety of services in relation to setting up a new website, modifying or rebuilting existing websites, Logo Design, Facebook Styling, Computer help and Social Media. The NCDCorkboard Blog consists of Resources, Updates, Tips and Information in relation to getting a website, improving your existing website, managing your business and general updates from Natalie Crowe Designs.

Power Out - Only Human - Help from the Web Design World

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 - Permalink
Power Out - Only Human - Help from the Web Design World  | Web Design Hunter Valley

Good Morning from NCD Central!
After a slight miscalculation in the diary... and slight mishap with being human! Turned out working from Natalie Crowe Designs - home office yesterday wasn't something I could achieve... Particularly when your day starts by getting daughter off to school and getting ready for an appointment, then just as we were leaving we had all power in the house shut off... Mental Lightbulb comes on... and the mind then clicks... Ooops! "Scheduled power outage for Tuesday..." banner from the notice I recall reading appears in my head... Only thing was I could have sworn it was 15th not 8th! Oh Dear! 5 minutes on the clock to change the game plan... What can I do today to make the most impact??

Try and pack up the laptop and office, renew the internet and get out the door on time or just grab one of the workbooks I have been meaning to review for ... lets say months and see how much info I can absorb during the downtime in order to offer my clients more insight and possibly implement a few new things for NCD?? Hmm Workbook it is!

So yesterday I spent several hours working through Leonie Dawson's Double Your Biz -- (also known to many as the 'business bible') reviewing the concepts...

QUESTION For you? Is it just me or is it always the way when you offer a service or product those things you often implement for others are often on your own to-do list?? Like the builder who's house in in progressive renovation... or the fence painter who's fence could do with the work.....

For me, I'm eternally grateful that what I've implemented for my business keeps us in high work demand... I've been in the business since 2008... longevity of my business is based on our quality service and adaptability in the field... oh and our willingness to help! With the underlining factor everyday people are looking for genuine help with their businesses, someone who knows their field, knows what they are doing and if they don't can guide them in the right direction to get that help... We give them that..

Whilst "Find-ability" was primary focus in the past, keeping in touch on a regular basis with our existing clients is our next phase in our internal processes... Not only that but the new implementations we're putting in place are more to give us more experience in overcoming any obstacles our clients may have on a more personal level!  Yes we have implemented and maintained many things like blogs, mailing lists and newsletters, these things haven't been primary needs in our business due to the nature of our work and the constant and growing demands from Natalie Crowe Designs... We are implementing these things to continue to add value and grow the experience and knowledge we offer to you; our clients - Without you there is no "US"..

So moving forward into March we'll we working on several internal projects... and I have so very many  blog posts scheduled to release this month! hang in there!

Much love and light to all of our wonderful clients, friends and families in business!


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