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2015 coming to a close, this week, leonie dawson workbooks

Monday, November 09, 2015 - Permalink
2015 coming to a close, this week, leonie dawson workbooks | Web Design Hunter Valley

2015... where have you gone? 

It felt like only yesterday we were  celebrating end of year festivities... it's something like 50 days until Christmas??  How time tends to fly when you're having fun.  Our 11 Websites in the 11th Month promotion clients are in their 1st year anniversary as clients with Natalie Crowe Designs. Another year is almost over and we begin preparation for our journey into 2016.

Week of 8th-14th of November.

This week, We're working with Toyriffic to get their website finalised ready for the Christmas Rush. With Careerbridge Automotive as we're in our final test stage  - with launch booked in for this Friday 13th of November.  We have several quotes and websites to finalise including sponsorship of a not-for-profit business doing amazing things in our community.

Amazing Resource Alert!!


Create your shining year BIZ and Life workbooks by Leonie Dawson!!!

In 2013 I came across this amazingly inspirational, motivating, soul strong entrepreneur, business mentor and author.... creator, mother of now two gorgeous girls and million dollar breadwinner and overall kick-ass lady called Leonie Dawson .

I have worked with Leonie's workbooks for the last few years, been a participant in her academy and loved every minute of it.

Leonie is one of the most querky, unique, bold, loving goddess orientated, self identified hippy, artist and magnificent woman - whom I am so grateful to have come into contact with over the last few years.


If you're allergic to glitter.... sparkles.. rainbows....unicorns... abundant positive energy and knowing you have the power to make changes in your life....

Hearing about ways to embrace yourself and being a goddess in your own divine right...

If you're in comfortable with vibrant colours.... mermaids...or have an overall intolerance to seeing the good in situations, embracing your talents and those around you....

or that you find people who are bursting with energy and life... laughter.. unbearable.... - whom radiate the most beautiful positive energy and light and offer the most practical business and life tools to creating your shining year across the board...

then perhaps this is not the resource for you...

IF HOWEVER... the idea of being surrounded by positive online support.... by people whom are also on the journey or in the process of changing their lives for the better... whom like you weren't sure of where they wanted to be or how to get there.. however through the loving guidance and support ascertained from Leonie's workbooks, the shining academy... Leonie's online videos and more.... have started marking positive change.

If you'd like to make 2016 your year of change..
A year of achievement....
A year of seeing your business or your life the very best it can be....

Check out the link below and embrace Leonie and all of her team's amazing work:

ORDER your workbook Today

If you find Leonie's resource beneficial and you do jump on board with the workbooks. I would love to chat with you, or mastermind with you.


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