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Facebook Networking And Australia S.I.T.T

Sunday, October 20, 2013 - Permalink
Facebook Networking And Australia S.I.T.T | Web Design Hunter Valley


Natalie Crowe Designs has been in operation since 2008. A massive 5 years has passed and we're still growing as an online community.

In this time we've had the pleasure of meeting a number businesses through the Social Media platform "Facebook". Facebook is one of the most predominant social media platforms used today, not only can individuals create personal pages, add friends, post status and updates, photos, videos and more, this platform allows businesses to FREELY create business pages - that as long as they stay within the Facebook Page Guidelines (Read Facebook Page Guidelines Here) then business are free to build and network their business.

Natalie Crowe Designs jumped on board the Facebook Bandwagon early in the piece around 2009. With a more predominant presence in 2010 - which grew to a 4500+ fan base now in 2013.

We utilised Facebook Pages that allow you to share your business with theirs in the form of Facebook Networking - "Ladders" or "Shout-Outs" - Where a page posts a status with a series of pages that they'd like you to like with your personal account, and then you comment underneath with your business name and "Tag" your business ( '@' then your business name) or leave the link to your page - for example

We found plenty of International pages to start off with , but we wanted to find a few that were primarily Australian Based businesses. So in that we set out to find Australian Facebook Networking Pages. To our surprise there were dozens of them.. All setup, and although some pages will charge you to advertise on your behalf - majority of them are FREE to use!! It's mind blowing to think that these things are available at no cost outside your time!

We found 100s of Australian businesses and to say the least it's been enlightening. Learning about new businesses, networking with businesses and the build up as not only a local, national and international business - but an online community.

In 2012 we came across a Australian based Facebook networking page that has been one of the most beneficial tools for us from the point of a Facebook Community building block. Today this community is operated by hard working Aussies, keen to build support and network for other Aussie businesses in a 9000 + strong "fan base" that with a little of your time, you too can harness! And what's more... this business opportunity is just one of many FREE pages your business can utilise.

*drum roll please*

Introducing AUSTRALIA S.I.T.T (Australia Send In The Troops).

This incredible Facebook Page is opening the doors to potential marketing opportunities to businesses and potential customers for your business - "Facebook Marketing | Get More Likes | How to make sales on Facebook | Send In The Troops" . Each week they engage hundreds of business in their Weekly Marches, Shout - Outs and business networking events that are held completely online - at your leisure from the comforts of your own home - or where ever you may have internet access!

AUSTRALIA Send In The Troops was developed to help business and craft pages network on Facebook. It's since grown into a global phenomenon where marchers don their boots in dozens of countries to build fans, contacts and sales.

How it works:

Business like the page: with their personal page.

1) During the MARCH events - the page admins will post a "ROLL CALL" status 15 minutes before the "march" starts .

2) Business user their personal accounts (NOT YOUR BUSINESS PAGE) to "tag" their business under that status.
Tip -- >
From experience it's best to march whilst you're on the computer rather than on the mobile as it's hard, and often not possible to tag from your mobile phone.
Using the @ symbol (on windows machine "shift" + 2 key at the same time) - then they type the facebook page business name - Ours would look like this "@natalie crowe designs". Usually the Facebook Tagging system kicks in with a menu of pages will appear that you can click yours.
alternatively typing the URL or website address to go directly to your page works as well -

3) Random generated numbers will pick 20-30 numbers (similar to a lottery)

4) Those numbers will be balanced against the ROLL CALL list that the Admins see on their computer (Your view may be different - but it's up to th admins to regulate this)

5) Based on those random generated numbers and the roll call status - businesses will be marched on - Australia S.I.T.T will post status 3-5 minutes a part with something similar to the "status" below.

#1 Natalie Crowe Designs

Then using your personal profile you visit the page being marched - like the page from your personal account, then write "Done - Your business tag" or if you're Already a Fan you could write AAF .

Not only to the 20-30 business who get marched on get networking publicity, you can always go through the Roll Call Status and meet some new businesses there, as you follow along with the march, other businesses will see you commenting under the March Statuses and will get to meet you that way as well.

In Summary -


1. A ROLL CALL Status will be posted on the page 15 minutes before the start of the march
2. Pop your NON PROFILE page name under that status - please use the @ tagging system
3. A random generator will be used to pick 20-30 numbers (similar to lottery)
4. Those numbers will then be balanced against the list THAT I SEE ON MY PC
(your views may be different)
5. Those that then have balanced are MARCHED ON...

This is one of many of the Australia S.I.T.T networking activities held and you don't have to march every week to be considered. Participate when you can and build your business. It's a worth while networking opportunity and could be the next stop between you and your next big client!

S.I.T.T is also an international thing, so there are other pages you can harness that are focused on facebook fans all over the world.

One of our next blog posts on Facebook Networking will be in regards to other Australian and International Facebook Networking pages :) Drop by Australian S.I.T.T and let them know we sent you. :)

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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