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Sunday, October 14, 2012 - Permalink
Facebook-Interest-Lists | Web Design Hunter Valley

Quick Instructions to Adding Natalie Crowe Designs to your INTEREST List

  1. Open our Facebook Fan Page ( on your COMPUTER
  2. Hover over the 'Like' button and click 'Add to Interest Lists...' 
  3. Choose a list from those available.
  4. If you don't have a list, click 'NEW LIST'
  5. In the next window, Click 'NEXT'
  6. Give the list a name and click DONE

A way Facebook Fans have more control!

With Facebook minimising the ability for Business Owners to reach their fan base, with the introduction of the "PROMOTE" functionality where by business owners are required to pay for their visibility, by standard, less than 10% of fans on any given page will see a given post at any one time.

At present, our testing shows that even with our 3700+ Facebook Fans.  our regular posts are only seen by 150-200 Facebook fans, some of those are not even guaranteed to be on our fan list. 

With that said, Fans and Business Owners alike have been trying to work out means to utilise the system to their best advantage, and although Facebook haven't made it easy. Natalie Crowe Designs has put together a short introduction on how YOU can get the most out of the pages visible from your personal account. Businesses can also advise their fans to take action as well.

The steps below will ensure you get all the latest information from Natalie Crowe Designs; your one stop shop when it comes to getting a website,  Website Design services based in Cessnock, NSW, will be seen.

Step 1 - Open Facebook Fan Page on Computer

On your COMPUTER load the facebook fan page you'd like to continually receive updates for. (Mobile Interface doesn't have the required features )
Natalie Crowe Designs Fan Page Link:

Step 2 - Hover over Like Button and click Add to Interest List

Put your cursor over the LIKE/LIKED button and you'll see a menu appear.

Click "Add to Interest Lists..."  link and follow the prompts to add it to one of your lists.

NOTE: If you do not have a list already setup, first time around you will need to set one up.  The steps below outline how to create a new LIST and add the page to your list.

Step  3  Creating and Adding an Facebook Interest List

In the next screen make the page has been selected  (it'll have the blue tick in the bottom right hand corner) and press NEXT

 Step 4 Give your new list a name and click DONE. 

In this example, we have used "My Fav Businesses", we could have put "Website Design Cessnock" or any other term or phrase you'd like to use for a list name.

After creating a name press DONE

We believe this will now list all posts that are posted by the specific page listed above to be visible on the newsfeeds and facebook ticker. 

Extra Bonus:

On the left hand side of your facebook window there are various options available  to access:
Favourites, Adverts, Pages,  Groups, Apps,  and a new one called INTERESTS

If you scroll down to the INTERESTs heading you can click on the names of the LISTS you've created and see all the news feeds from those business pages exclusively.

Click the name of the List you've created and it will display the posts from the pages on the list. 

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