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Need a business mentor - skype mentoring - hunter valley - Natalie Crowe Designs

We now offer a series of SKYPE mentoring sessions, one off appointments both day and evening appointments, as well as package deals and weekend appointments by appointment.

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Natalie Crowe Designs has been offering Business Mentoring to clients since October 2015. We found that our Website Design clients were looking for more than just website support and were receptive to ongoing business mentoring and support.

This mentor and business support service can be utilised by anyone interested in having a down to earth alternative to having to ‘go it alone’ in business.

The benefits of having a sounding board and familiar face to talk to, a personal coach; who is keen to help you develop a plan to make a difference in your situation. We work with you directly to tailor a set of needs and wants specifically for you. Something completely customized for you, your lifestyle and your business.

What does the business mentoring and support cover?

As a part of this service we address a broad range of topics - all areas are optional, these include:
     ♦ General computer training,
         - Training on how to use certain software,
         - Complete general task on your computer.
         - Manage your existing website.
         - How to use facebook or other social media

     ♦ Writing a business plan,
     ♦ Streamlining your business,
     ♦ Expanding your ideas and helping you plan and implement those ideas,
     ♦ Basic budgeting,
     ♦ Goal setting and time management,
     ♦ Help finding the resources and information you require,
     ♦ Help brainstorming your ideas
     ♦ Maintaining motivation
     ♦ and having an accountability partner to help work
        through challenges and issues that you’re facing.

A complete service - a holistic approach

This service is aimed to provide a greater level of support in a more holistic approach to providing services to YOU and your business.

Both new and existing clients will benefit from the combination  of not only working together on building your online and offline presence but we’re supporting you directly to build and strengthen your core business; identify your strengths, tackle your weaknesses and further achieve your goals and objectives.

What is a business mentoring session?

A session is an allocated time where you can connect with your business mentor in the comfort and privacy of your own home, place of business or office or whether else you might be.

Here you'll discuss your current circumstance and what you're working towards. We work what is going to be important to you as well as what you'd like to achieve by utilising this service. We look at your business and the various aspects which you would like help with and we work out a plan of attack.

A single session working ON your business could improve your productivity, realign your actions with your intentions and propel you forward to make progress and progress is one of the best motivators out there.

Regular sessions with your mentor will continue that momentum and provide an outlet to tackle obstacles and keep your focus on what you’re working towards.  

How do we offer this service? 

Due to high demand, we've utilised the resources of SKYPE a program or app on handheld devices that you can log into and make calls to other skype users for free. It has the ability for you to type, send files and video call using the app and makes meetings a breeze.

Join us on Skype:

You can now connect with us over SKYPE
Our username is NatalieCroweDesigns


We now offer a series of SKYPE mentoring sessions, one off appointments both day and evening appointments, as well as package deals and weekend appointments by appointment.  


Mentoring Sessions

Monday ~ Friday
9:15am - 2:15pm

Monday ~ Thursday
8:30pm - 11:30pm

Weekend Mentoring Sessions

By Appointment only

 60 Minutes

 $66 a session

$99 a session

 90 Minutes

 $99 a session

$148.50 Session


2 Hour Session

 $132 a session

 $198 a session

3 Hour Session

 $198 a session

$297 a session


We tailor mentor packages to our clients requirements.

SAMPLE 3 month mentoring package may include:

5 sessions scheduled over at your convenience over 3 months.


Sample Package inclusions:
Day Mentoring Sessions

Monday ~ Friday
9:15am - 2:15pm

Evening Mentoring Sessions

Monday ~ Thursday
8:30pm - 11:30pm

 Initial 2 Hour Session

$132 a session

$198 a session

 4 x 90 Minutes

4 x $99 a session

4 x $148.50 Session


$499 ( Save $30)

$750 ( Save $42 )

All plans are tailored to our clients requirements.

We offer credit card payment plans, with weekly or fortnightly installments.

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Skype Business Mentoring Hunter Valley

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