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Last Calls – Starter Websites, Website with Blog or Facebook Revamp

LAST CALLS!!! 2 spots left!!!
2 more businesses have stepped on board, and 2 days out and we only
need 2 more businesses to be featured in our promotion for next month!!

For the month of November we’re offering 11 business FREE promotion through our networks when you get a new website or get work done on your existing website.

We have a couple of quotes to do but the hunt is still on to find the next two businesses that will make our 11!

This post has loads of information for businesses owners!

STARTER WEBSITE – 5 Page information websites
Package includes:
♦ 5 pages e.g Homepage + 3 custom pages + Contact Page
♦ 12 months Hosting & Domain,
♦ FREE Email Address,
♦ Custom designed look and feel,
♦ Integrated Contact form with email notifications,
♦ Standard Search Engine Optimisation helping clients find you,
♦ The ability to update and edit your own website &
♦ A personalised tutorial on how to use our “NCD Achieve” Admin Interface.
All this for $600

The following prices are only applicable whilst combined with the starter package.

[Integrated NCDAchieve Blog]

The NCDAchieve Blog functionality allows you to manage unlimited blog
posts, with the ability to add new posts, edit existing posts, sort and
archive your posts to suit your audience and even set pre-date
releases. So you can write a blog post set it for two weeks time, and
it will be made available for viewing on the set date. The blog posts
can be integrated with your Facebook account and each post has a unique
website address so you can share direct links to your articles, simply
by sharing the blog post address.

The blog functionality also
comes with it’s own personalised user guide on how to create more Search
Engine friendly content and how to improve your website leads.
+ BLOG component = $299

[ Facebook Revamp ]

We design a custom Facebook Cover, Profile Image and Album Covers or
Custom Tabs to combine the branding image across the board. Tying your
Facebook Page to your Business Website. Creativing familiarity and trust
using a central design and making it easy for prospective clients to
identify your business and utilise features you make available to them.
+ FACEBOOK REVAMP component = $99

You can also start with the STARTER website and add these later on down the track.

For more details, questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us We’d love to assist and get your business off the ground.