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Keeping the goal post insight

Keeping your goals insight

After running Natalie Crowe Designs since 2008, I’ve come to the conclusion that having big dreams and desiring to do more is an amazing motivation tool – being able to visualise your ideal as already being true is one of the keys to achieving that which you are working towards.  Next in like when it comes to progress is actually keeping that focus on what you’re doing and doing the hard yards! We can often lose sight of our goals. Lose sight of what we’re working for when we’re caught up in the day to day life..   

Write your  goals down

Research shows that people who write down their goals or more likely to achieve them, oppose to those who simply mentally acknowledge them, imagine them in detail and write those details down…  keeping them at the top of your mind in order to continue to propel you forward.

 Know what needs to be done to achieve your goals

But it’s not enough just to know what you want, most people say I want to do … I will own … by 31st of December 2015, however in order to make this achievable and measurable you need to know the steps to achievement in order to get from A-Z and achieve your goals.

Making it accountable:

Once you have all the foundation work in place it’s a matter of making it accountable. – Share your goals with others, accountability is one of the major driving forces for people who are working toward something. Share your achievements. keep track of your progress… keep a list of the things you’re doing so you can see, 1 week.. 1 month… 3 months 1 year down the track of what you’ve been doing – it might not seem like you’ve done much

Work toward taking 3 steps towards your goal each day

Work towards taking 3 steps towards your goals each day.. even if it’s just getting the resources, making a phone call.. something is better than nothing.  Keep a goal diary, write down your progress and what you’re doing to
achieve your goals, what steps you’ve taken and what’s next for you.

Reach out to support networks to give you additional support

All in all, it’ll all be worth the work and effort you put into your goals. So keep your goals in sight and remember that there is always someone out there who will be keen to help you work through your goals. If you need an additional support contact us today and we can have a chat about what you’re wanting to achieve and setup a mentoring program tailored around your needs.