It all started in 2008 - Natalie Crowe Designs | Web Design Company Australia

It all started in 2008

Natalie Crowe Designs is a Hunter Valley based website design business which was founded back in 2008. The business was
originally created because of my passion for web design and my desire
to work, however, I did not have my license at the time and the pending
arrival of my daughter limited my ability to work outside the home.

Holding my Diploma in website development, and
certificates in business management. I felt that this combination and
working for myself would be perfect for our growing family needs. We
officially opened our doors 1 month before my daughter was brought into
the world and it’s been onward and upwards from there.

I loved the diversity, the challenges, the ability
to provide financial security for my family but also the flexibility
working for myself as a stay at home mum. I had a natural knack for the
process of problem solving and helping others to find solutions that
supported their businesses, and time and patience to sift through the
constantly increasing “sea of information” available and offering the
skills and knowledge needed in a personalised and down-to-earth service,
which I hear so often, is so hard to find when working with larger

Seven years on, I am phasing through the next stage
of my business. I am working in a career that still “lights me up” as it
did in the beginning. One that gives me such drive and motivation. One
that can see me “working” until the early hours of the morning, and
still get up the next day, ready for a new day with enthusiasm and
purpose. Whether that be a consultations for a new client, raising my
family and whatever lessons life throws at me, I love my job and can’t
imagine doing anything else.