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Getting Organised

Using a Day Planner and Planning the night before |

Day Planner - Getting Organised - Website Design CessnockAfter many to-do lists, notebooks,  post-it notes, whiteboard messages and  corkboards, I finally have myself into a system that works well really well.   As ridiculous as it may sound a $3.00 day planner from Office works which you can view and purchase here:  [Officeworks Quill A4 Daily Planner 50 Sheets]  and making the religious efforts plan the following day the night before or days before.  I have been so much more productive.

Day Planner

I found through my own work, that I have things that pop up through the day that need to either be added to my day planner or that I need to allocate time for in the coming days, I also  find that I am forever looking for my “Call Book” where I jot down notes  when I get phone calls from a client that I need to remember but don’t neccessarily need that piece of information right this second.    So I created this version myself this evening to see how this goes. I’ve left it as a Microsoft Word document so others can take the file and modify it to suit their needs. 
Day Planner Template with To-Do Notes
As an after thought, the document could use more solid outlines as I find that it doesn’t stand out as much whilst sitting on the desk as the bought version.

Anyway guys, hope this helps 🙂