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Can’t Hold Us Down… hopefully.

Hey guys,

Nat here,  this week has been a test on the mind, body and soul.  Few things that have turned up on our doorstep asking us to address them..  One of them for me personally has been illness, with my little miss down and out with a head cold and off school to recover.  Having sick little ones is no fun at all.It’s been a few days now and I am really pleased that she is improving, however, it’s a little more challenging trying to keep up with her whilst you’re not 100% and manage your business. We’ve been exposed to colds a few times already this season and I thought we were on top of it, but when one family member gets it, it doesn’t take long to pass it on, even if that person doesn’t live with you.

 I hate taking medicine – but you’ve got to do what you’ve go to do! We’ve been opting for the natural approach,  pumping in the garlic, drinking plenty of honey, ginger and lemon tea and plenty of hot showers. Thinking we’ll try some of the old style remedies… A friend told me about “vinegar sock” remedy..   Apparently wearing cotton socks soaked in vinegar, and putting a pair of wool socks over the top and keeping your feet warm apparently dries after a few hours and all ailments of cough and colds are healed?   I am thinking it’s probably farfetched lol but at this point I want to be back in the office as soon as possible – surely it can’t hurt… (Will let you know how it goes!)

This week we’ve been working on adding the large number of products for the Toyriffic website.  The multiple thousands of products to be added to the new eCommerce system is a time consuming process, however we’ve created a system that allows us to efficiently add the data to the local toys store website  and we’ve  been able to take the hassle out of of manually completing the process one by one.  We’ve still go a long way to go but we’re looking forward to sharing the development with you!

We met with local kitchen designers – Budget Kitchens and The Designer Kitchen factory to discuss our plans for their developments and get a foundational skeleton for their sites.  We’ve schedule to have both of these two sites developed by the end of the financial year.  Challenge accepted!

Working with maitland printers – Imsprint – we’ve got their site plans drawn up ready for implementation, content is being crafted at the moment so all going well we’ll have this one launch by  June 30 as well.

We’ve got a list of callbacks for the end of this week, as we’re fully book until Thursday.

It’s going to be a busy next few weeks but I am confident that by the end of this month we’ll have reach our goals and be ready for June’s offerings!

Have a great week everyone!
Stay warm dry and most of all healthy!