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Wine tours in beautiful Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Sydney Airport Transers and Hunter Valley Formal Car and Wedding Car

Mr Wilson’s Hire Car service is the service you’re looking for if you would like:

♦ to take a relaxing wine tour in beautiful Hunter Valley,
♦ an affordable transfer service from Newcastle or Sydney Airport
♦ to hire a luxury Formal Car or Wedding Car
♦ Hire car for a Wedding Hunter Valley Pokolbin 

Mr Wilson’s Hire Car & Chauffeur Service was established in
2014 and offers private wine tours in the Pokolbin area. Tours operate
out of the southern gateway to the Hunter Valley winery region,
Cessnock. Let a local show you the sights and provide you with some
great insider knowledge about the area.  

Mr Wilson's Hire Car - Hunter Valley Hire Cars, Pokolbin Wedding and Formal Car, Transfer Service, Newcastle Airport, Sydney Airport, Hunter Valley Wine Tours

The Hunter Valley is one of the largest river valleys on the NSW coast, and is most commonly known for its wineries and coal industry.  The Hunter Valley is a major tourist destination in New South Wales and is the 6th most visited place in Australia attracting more than 2.5 million people annually.

Mr Wilson’s Hire Car has a variety of services available:

Wine Tours in Hunter Valley
–  Full day enjoying some of the Hunter Valley’s finest wineries and cellar doors. Packages include guided wine tours with the option of a delicious BBQ lunch –  prepared and cooked by Mr Wilson from his Wine Tour Lunch Menu – including seafood, chicken, beef and vegetarian meal options. 

Restaurant Transfers
Newcastle Race days
Muswellbrook Race days
Scone Race days
Newcastle Airport Transfers
Weddings and Formal Hire Cars 

For more information on this see Hunter Valley Hire Car Services & Rates

or visit Mr Wilson’s Hire Car Facebook page

Website Launched: Storm-Haylee.com.au

Over the last week or so Natalie Crowe Designs has been working with Storm from Stormfire Designs to setup a new website – http://www.storm-haylee.com.au to showcase all of Storm’s recent works;  clothing range, modelling photoshoots, competitions, magazine work, promotional work, show and tour details with Bodyheat Australia’s Dream Girls, private work, radio interviews and music videos. 


Visit storm’s site here:
Newcastle Model, Dancer, Waitress and Manager for Bodyheat Australia’s Dream Girls

November 2014 Challenge 11 Website – 11th Month

In November of 2013, Natalie Crowe Designs successfully completed our
NOVEMBER challenge of acquiring and developing 11 websites during that
30 day period.

In 2014, we are putting the challenges we’ve dealt with being unable to offer services to clients between July through October 1st down to a major learning curve and we’re ready to pick up where we left off.

To kick start the end of 2014 and  bring 2015 in with a bang, we’re holding our 11 Websites in the 11th month promotion again. 

be looking for 11 businesses who require a website developed and would
like the free exposure that this promotion offices.

We are taking expressions of interest and would love you to contact us to have your website featured in November.

Visit our Contact Us page or email support@nataliecrowedesigns.com for more information

New Service: Business Mentoring

New Service Available:
Business Mentoring and Support for Business Owners: 

The PROBLEM : Getting HELP as a business owner?

As a business owner and having operated my business independently, since 2008, I have sought out guidance and support from various services, from Business Mentors, Personal Coaching and Personal Development within my field of expertise.

All of this was helpful and although the information I  had acquired seemed practical, and I understood what I needed and wanted to achieve on an intellectual level, I still didn’t feel as if just getting the information I needed from those individual parties was enough. 

As a result I started taking my own notes and crafting my own tools in order to improve things like my productivity, motivation and overall mentality around managing my business. Through to looking at how I could help others within their businesses.

The SOLUTION: To helping support business owners.  

As of the 1st of October, Natalie Crowe Designs now offers face to face coaching and business mentoring sessions for business owners in the Hunter Region, NSW. 

Also we have an online alternative available for business owners who are outside our immediate area but would like to utilise this great new service.

This service will run alongside our existing website design and development services, however is not exclusive to just our new/existing web clients.  

This mentor and business support service can be utilised by anyone interested in having a down to earth alternative to having to ‘go it alone’ in business.

The benefits of having a sounding board and familiar face to talk to, a personal coach; who is non objective and keen to help you develop a plan to make a difference in your situation. We work with you directly to tailor a set of needs and wants specifically for you. Something completely customized for you, your lifestyle and your business.

What does the business mentoring and support cover?

As a part of this service we address a broad range of topics – all areas are optional, these include:
General computer training,
         – Training on how to use certain software,
         – Complete general task on your computer.
         – Manage your existing website.
         – How to use facebook or other social media

Writing a business plan,
Streamlining your business,
♦ Expanding your ideas and helping you plan and implement those ideas,
♦ Basic budgeting,
Goal setting and time management,
     ♦ Help finding the resources and information you require,
♦ Help brainstorming your ideas
♦ Maintaining motivation
♦ and having an accountability partner to help work
        through challenges and issues that you’re facing.

A complete service – a holistic approach 
This service is aimed to provide a greater level of support in a more holistic approach to providing services to YOU and your business.

Both new and existing clients will benefit from the combination  of not only working together on building your online and offline presence but we’re supporting you directly to build and strengthen your core business; identify your strengths, tackle your weaknesses and further achieve your goals and objectives.

What is a session :
A session is at minimum 1 or more hours time frame.

We organise a time to meet, either at your home, place of business or local cafe or venue and discuss your current circumstance. We work what is going to be important to you as well as what you’d like to achieve by utilising this service, we look at your business and the various aspects which you would like help with and we work out a plan of attack.

A single session working ON your business could improve your productivity, realign your actions with your intentions and propel you forward.   

Regular sessions will continue that momentum and provide an outlet to tackle obstacles and keep your focus on what you’re working towards.  

Pricing and Quote ?  How much would something like that cost? 

Hourly sessions are available for  $66/hr   + Travel time.

An ideal session is between 2-3 hours at most.
More than 3 hours, unless with the intent of immersion, can often be intense and counter productive. Smaller bite sized pieces make the process work much more efficiently.  

We also have packages for clients interested in booking in multiple sessions,
for example  – E.g. 4 weekly x 2 hours sessions  

For more information regarding this service or to get a package quote.

* Required






Word of Mouth


Business Mentoring: Share Your GIFTS with the world

For those of you who have been watching our facebook page you may have noticed the latest facebook cover design, Natalie Crowe Designs has recently uploaded.

From time to time we modify our facebook cover dependant on what’s happening within both my own life and within the business, and of late (mostly business women), I’ve found a major sense of disarray, or lack of belief that the gift they have to share with the world is needed.

I created our facebook cover with that empowering belief in mind.
“Somewhere out there, someone is waiting…for the GIFTS that ONLY YOU can bring to this world”
Don’t sell yourself short business owners (men and women alike), your purpose and destiny is totally dictated by you .. you have all the tools and resources or resourcefulness within you to be able to achieve your goals, dreams and desires.. it’s just a matter of taking that step and believing in yourself.

You can view the full version via the Natalie Crowe Designs facebook page
or by downloading the full image here


Success! – Stage 1 Web Design Office Organised

– For those of you who saw our earlier post regarding sorting client
files. I’m feeling a lot more organised after setting up the client
summary folders. We have a summary file for each of our active clients
and our filing cabinet contains all of the past files and notes.

The goal will be to have 60 of those by the end of this year.
Currently at 47 with the number rising. As a business owner I want to
offer the very best service to my clients and will we working through
each of those clients files on a regular basis to work out ways that we
can further improve our services.

For all of my fellow stationary-aholic fans out there I had fun on this one.

Streamlining the Natalie Crowe Designs Office

After spending so much time out of  the loop with our clients and generally looking at and working out how best we could improve our services. One of the major points of contention for us was streamlining the process. We have our own system as to how to manage and sort our client files, but I personally wanted to have a more hands on approach to what we do as a business. I want to be able to look at a client  at any given time and know exactly where he or she is in their business relationship with Natalie Crowe Designs, but also to be able to optimise my service to all of you.

After much planning and organising (and stationary shopping etc), we now have 47 active client files which all have a summary display folder with various documents that have been consistently streamlined with in the business.  The folder has all the details I need to know when I pick up the phone to talk to a client, the progress report on their latest development. the previous projects developed, the accounts for that client, a list of products or services that the client currently already has and could possibly use in the future.

 I’ll grab a photo of the achievement when I get back into the office but for those who are interested. Our folders have:

♦ Client Detail Summary Sheet
♦ Current progress sheet – per job
♦ Credentials sheet – what accounts they have setup , who, what where
♦ Current products/service & proposed services.
♦ Accounts to date – summary

The folders are consistent across the board. We still file all of our paperwork in a filing cabinet but this system makes it much easier when the phone rings and you need to review.

Can’t wait to start growing the client list between now and the end of the year.