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Personal Time Management Guide

Natalie’s Personal Time Management Guide Notes: 

I can’t remember exactly what resources I compiled these from but these are the questions I ask myself whilst working out my goals, both general and self development goals or to look at my values.  To get my actions in check with my goals and all looking at what I truly want.

Some of these are information from my personal notebook others are questions to ask yourself. 
Hopefully they make sense. 

If you find any of this helpful please feel free to  message me via my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns)


       ♦ What are your goals?    1 to 5 years
       ♦ Who, what, when for the future
       ♦ Home & Family Goals
       ♦ Work & Business goals and contributions

Self Development Goals

       ♦ What would you do if you won the lotto?
       ♦ What would you do if you only had 6 months left (this question looks at values)?
       ♦ What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn’t fail?
       ♦ Goals must be in writing – clear and specific


       ♦ Taking action without a plan is inefficient
       ♦ Take your objective and write down every step required to achieve that goal.
       ♦ Organise and plan action steps required, prioritise more or less important tasks


       ♦ Making a list improves productivity by 25%.
       ♦ Each item is checked off when completed
       ♦ The idea of the list is a accomplishment successfully completing the list


       ♦ Establishes the 20% relevant and 80% irrelevant.
       ♦ What is the most valuable use of my time?
       ♦ Is this the top pay off

I am short on time this afternoon, but in a later blog post I will  put links up to documents I use to get myself on track.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Remember, An attempt failed has more chance of success than making no movement forward at all. Do the best with what you have.  You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Kind Regards,

Webinar Tax Basics for Small Business

One of our wonderful facebook fans (TONI) has just brought this to our attention. For those who may be interested. The link below is a webinar looking at the fundamental principles of income tax deductions that apply to all businesses and the tax treatment of different deductions, including depreciation of assets.


Facebook declines, Business Growth & words of encouragement

Recent Facebook Post, that I wanted to share on my blog.

” After a long chat with a lady who I have known for years and who has
watched Natalie Crowe Designs grow over the years. The conversations
about progress recently, got me thinking about a lot of things, say 2-3
years ago, I had personally felt like I had such an amazing connection
with all of my facebook fans, more than just the limitations created by
facebook themselves… more than the now limited post reach and the
other facebook restrictions we now have. There was so much more
involvement, fans seems more eager to participate, to interact, more
eager to strike up conversation, to learn, to grow and most of all to
share their knowledge and resources.

For those of you that
have been a fan of ours for a while you may have remembered some time
ago we’d have weekly network events, we’d have fans regularly just drop
by our page or send us a message to see how things were going.. — as
obvious as it sounds, this form of social media was exactly that
social.. Nowadays with less of you seeing our posts, more of you being
frustrated with the post visibility, it is any wonder that businesses
owners are putting their hands up in the air and saying what do we do..

I have read all of the posts going around about getting fans who
genuinely want to see your posts to do this and do that,(normally
there are “500” posts like this on my news feed – at this present point
however – I couldn’t locate a sample.. ) but I just want to you all,
that I appreciate ALL of you.. and all of the effort and time you each
take to stop by, comment on our posts and participate in this page. The
community you’ve helped build and the contributions you’ve made in the
past, present and future.

I know we’ve been exceptionally
quiet of late, with small bursts of posting here there and
everywhere…. At the present point in time, I have still not decided
to take the business further and expand the operation to include more
staff.. However, with the whiteboard currently listing 22 clients and
this list is constantly growing. Natalie Crowe Designs is the busiest
it’s ever been in the lifespan of the business and to be honest, I feel
such a sense of excitement and thrill at the concept… but it can also
be a scary thing! Business Growth!

I personally set some rather
large expectations this year for myself and I am so stoked to say I have
all bar progressed beyond those goals, with one final goal to conquer
by the 27th of August this year. It’ll soon be back to the drawing board
to work out my next direction… but this crazy workload is the reason
for my absence.

I wanted to share with you these thoughts, but
also wanted to bring a real factor to the business. I am a real person, I
am a mum, a business woman, a friend and I guess on a very genuine
level… I am just like you…

I never want Natalie Crowe
Designs to be put in that same category as those “face-less” large
companies… You’ll never be just a number.. my clients are treated like
they are friends and family, and on the two way street of the client
and designer/developer relationship it’s a mutual agreement and

My aim is to be approachable, down to earth
and realistic. It takes more to running a business than being a well
known name .. it’s how your customers feel, and what you do for your
customers that matter and … at the bottom line… You – my friend are
on the top of our priority list!

Sending you all loads of
positive energy and the knowledge that I believe in you and your
business. You can do anything you set your mind to! Even the smallest
step is movement forward!!! Any movement towards your goal, brings a
chance of success, where as sitting on your hands and waiting for the
perfect time brings you no reward.

I get a little carried away
when I post, but if any of this post spoke to you, please feel free to
comment below, I love hearing from you. Have a great night lovelies!”