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Cessnock Motorcycle Club’s website is almost ready to be launched

In May 2013, Craig from the Cessnock Motorcycle Club contacted Natalie Crowe Designs in regards to getting a quote for a new website.  They already had a website in place but they were looking for something more “member” or “community” focus, something more modern, something they could edit and update on a regular basis without having major issues.

When I did my initial research and I  looked over their  existing site, it was VERY clear that previously the existing site was given a lot of attention, the website also had a lot of content and photography for the club. I knew that this was someone’s prize project that had so much potential and with a little know how could be given new life and a way to be able to capture the heart of the club but also provide an online presence that would make communication with club members, committee new and old easier to work with.

I asked craig to complete our Client Questionnaire and also go through and put together a list of things that they’d like to have on the site,  do through the site and be able to do in the future..  The more information and detail I could  acquire about their development the better.  

Based on this general information they provided I put together a rough quote and  submitted it to the club.

I can’t remember the exact coversation, but  after a few follow-ups Craig came back and said they would be back in contact when they were ready to go head..

The existing website had several issues with the functionality,  they’d also been hit by, what the experts call “Malware”, where advertisements or some sort of error message appears on the website, which the superceeded the time and experience they had to be able to fix the issue, and over the years managed to have evolved into  literally 50-100 individually managed pages, each individually coded and styled which meant a major effort to change simple things like a heading or the styling over the overall site.

In November 2013, craig contacted Natalie Crowe Designs again and formally accepted our quote. At the time, some of our regulars fans/ readers would remember, we were  exceptionally busy with the “11 websites in the 11 month” promotion we did.  We booked the development for the first quarter of 2014  and come January we  finally got the wheels turning on this project.  

Craig and I got together and have had several meetings both online and face to face since 14th of January and it’s been a long time coming developing the ideas for the website, collecting content and resources from all of the individual parties, crafting the overall website and design and building the primary functionality, – we also had several additional tasks that we appended to the development that were outside the original development plan, so this also set us back  about 2-3 weeks, but these were “scope creep” items that we felt needed to be included to be able to complete this stage. We negotiated the goal line and  went for gold!

Some of the key elements of the new site include:

♦ Online community website  – with online members areas including access to members only content and features – such as a forum.

♦ Ability for the public to  join Cessnock Motorcycle Club online by completing and paying for their Single Person Membership, Family Membership and  Race Day Events online, this also extends to Members who are able to renew their membership  using the same functionality.

♦ Custom developed forms complete with Rider Number Checker for Events  

♦ Ability to provide a central location for all the information regarding the club and the ability to  update and edit that information on a regular basis or at the club’s leisure.

Now the 30th of April and we are at the  final leg of this “event”.  

Natalie Crowe Designs is waiting for the last  committee members to  provide feedback and testing on the site before we go live early May.

I am so excited  to see come together and it goes without saying a MASSIVE thanks to Craig from Cessnock Motorcycle Club for all your efforts!

Although this is not the end of the line for Natalie Crowe Designs and Cessnock Motorcycle Club, stage 1 of the website development and  I think it’s time to bring out the champaigne!

When ready the new website will be  available:
and http://www.cessnockmcc.com.au    

Currently the landing page is in the place.  
We’ll keep you posted on the proposed launch date when it’s been confirmed!! 

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