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Last Calls – Starter Websites, Website with Blog or Facebook Revamp

LAST CALLS!!! 2 spots left!!!
2 more businesses have stepped on board, and 2 days out and we only
need 2 more businesses to be featured in our promotion for next month!!

For the month of November we’re offering 11 business FREE promotion through our networks when you get a new website or get work done on your existing website.

We have a couple of quotes to do but the hunt is still on to find the next two businesses that will make our 11!

This post has loads of information for businesses owners!

STARTER WEBSITE – 5 Page information websites
Package includes:
♦ 5 pages e.g Homepage + 3 custom pages + Contact Page
♦ 12 months Hosting & Domain,
♦ FREE Email Address,
♦ Custom designed look and feel,
♦ Integrated Contact form with email notifications,
♦ Standard Search Engine Optimisation helping clients find you,
♦ The ability to update and edit your own website &
♦ A personalised tutorial on how to use our “NCD Achieve” Admin Interface.
All this for $600

The following prices are only applicable whilst combined with the starter package.

[Integrated NCDAchieve Blog]

The NCDAchieve Blog functionality allows you to manage unlimited blog
posts, with the ability to add new posts, edit existing posts, sort and
archive your posts to suit your audience and even set pre-date
releases. So you can write a blog post set it for two weeks time, and
it will be made available for viewing on the set date. The blog posts
can be integrated with your Facebook account and each post has a unique
website address so you can share direct links to your articles, simply
by sharing the blog post address.

The blog functionality also
comes with it’s own personalised user guide on how to create more Search
Engine friendly content and how to improve your website leads.
+ BLOG component = $299

[ Facebook Revamp ]

We design a custom Facebook Cover, Profile Image and Album Covers or
Custom Tabs to combine the branding image across the board. Tying your
Facebook Page to your Business Website. Creativing familiarity and trust
using a central design and making it easy for prospective clients to
identify your business and utilise features you make available to them.
+ FACEBOOK REVAMP component = $99

You can also start with the STARTER website and add these later on down the track.

For more details, questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us We’d love to assist and get your business off the ground.

Meeting with Rachel’s Home Child Care Nanny Agency

Just had a great consultation with Rachel’s Home Child Care Nanny Agency
– a lot to absorb but also so many ideas running through my head as to
the best way to solve the key focus points for development. Looking
forward to the planning process for this one and actually addressing
each of the key issues or problem areas for Rachel’s staff and clients.
It’s a long term commitment but we’re stoked to be a part of it.

We have a consult with All Star Pet Minding tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting Melissa in person and going over her ideas for her website.

Have a great rest of your evening

Meeting with Modern Approach Personal Training

Gooood Morning everyone! Slightly cool this morning here in Cessnock. Big day planned today Can’t wait Meeting the lovely Peta from Modern Approach Personal Training this morning at And The Winner Is Oscars. (Love that place!)

Busy busy busy for the next few weeks. How about you?? Are you keeping
track of what you’re doing and where you’re up to? We updated our job
list last night after doing some
planning for the next 7 days prior to our promotion and I am absolutely
blown away 22 clients booked in for work in the next 6 weeks at this
stage. A number of them I’ll introduce as a part of the “11th Month and
11 businesses” promotion – but as a general – you’ll be seeing lots
more work samples from us gearing up to the end of the year.

What’s coming up for your business? What are you doing in the 6-9 weeks let us know! We love to hear from you.

Only 4 places left in our 11th Month 11 business promotion

Who NEEDs a website?! ONLY 4 more places left in the 11th Month, 11 Businesses Promotion! I am so excited!!
We have 4 final places to fill before November 1st. AND one of those 4 places could be your business!!!!

The promo in a nut shell,
for November we were looking to smash out a quantity of websites that
we’ve never achieved before – It’s also a mindset to put yourself that
little bit further to achieve and November 2013 is going to be a big one
here at Natalie Crowe Designs! We have a tonne of clients on the board
to have work completed in November – the ones you’re currently seeing
featured here are some of the website clients we’re building websites

The 11 businesses will be featured in our promotions
through-out November. Via our Facebook Page, our Website, our Blog,
Newsletter and local promotions!

This opportunity is a big one
for business owners all over, with the opportunity to reach a large
number of new clients, spread the word about your fabulous business and
also help build solid foundations for your business. The promotions and
advertising come FREE when your business is one of the 11 business who
get their website developed by Natalie Crowe Designs in November.

We will be taking on more than 11 clients this month, but it’s first in
best dressed! If you would like to get your website developed, if you
would like to get a quote, I am more than happy to discuss your options.
We have 5 full days left before the promotion starts. Don’t leave it
until it’s to late to get your website up and running and receive that
great business promotion with our Natalie Crowe Designs Facebook Fans
and business community.

If you’d be interested in getting quote
see the following comments for details on how. — Can’t wait to start
developing some of these amazing websites!!!

Motivation Video

This is just a really quick post, I wanted to share with you something that I found really motivating. Motivation is something that does  die out sometimes and you need to find constant ways to improve and  continue to motivate yourself.

Check out our Facebook Video Post we shared today.


Hope this helps somebody today!

Natural Disasters

guys – Nat here… I have wanted to send me thoughts to those
suffering at the moment due to our natural disasters going around the
nation. I have to admit, although we’re not directly impacted by the
fires within NSW at the moment, I had been rather emotional for those
who are suffering right now.. I was absolutely disgusted after seeing a
news story that looters have been targeting the “evacuated
areas” where by residents have fled their homes due to the fires… and
poor excuses for human beings have raided the houses stealing tvs, cash
and property… seriously what the hell is wrong with people!! One
report said that a 12 and 13 year old teens were responsible for one lot
of fires, It makes me so angry that some of these fires were
deliberately lit by arsonists and there are people who are losing
everything…. yet there are lowlifes that seize the opportunity to just
keep on taking – I am so genuinely sorry for those impacted. My heart
breaks for you..

I know it’s not helping directly and that
this is not the most professional means of expressing my heart ache for
all of you, but I am sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone – We’ll
do a rain dance or something and help bring on the rain and put an end
to these fires.

If we; Natalie Crowe Designs
can do anything to help any of you, please don’t hesitate to contact
us. I am so sorry once again.. We’re here to help and we’ll do what we
can make a difference.

Please stay safe .
My thoughts are with you. x

Facebook Networking And Australia S.I.T.T


Natalie Crowe Designs has been in operation since 2008. A massive
5 years has passed and we’re still growing as an online community.

In this time we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number businesses
through the Social Media platform “Facebook”. Facebook is one of the
most predominant social media platforms used today, not only can
individuals create personal pages, add friends, post status and updates,
photos, videos and more, this platform allows businesses to FREELY
create business pages – that as long as they stay within the Facebook
Page Guidelines (Read Facebook Page Guidelines Here) then business are free to build and network their business.

Natalie Crowe Designs jumped on board the Facebook Bandwagon early in
the piece around 2009. With a more predominant presence in 2010 –
which grew to a 4500+ fan base now in 2013.

We utilised Facebook Pages that allow you to share your business with
theirs in the form of Facebook Networking – “Ladders” or “Shout-Outs” –
Where a page posts a status with a series of pages that they’d like you
to like with your personal account, and then you comment underneath
with your business name and “Tag” your business ( ‘@’ then your
business name) or leave the link to your page – for example

We found plenty of International pages to start off with , but we
wanted to find a few that were primarily Australian Based businesses. So
in that we set out to find Australian Facebook Networking Pages. To our
surprise there were dozens of them.. All setup, and although some pages
will charge you to advertise on your behalf – majority of them are FREE
to use!! It’s mind blowing to think that these things are available at
no cost outside your time!

We found 100s of Australian businesses and to say the least it’s been
Learning about new businesses, networking with businesses and the build
up as not only a local, national and international business – but an
online community.

In 2012 we came across a Australian based Facebook networking page
that has been one of the most beneficial tools for us from the point of a
Facebook Community building block. Today this community is operated by
hard working Aussies, keen to build support and network for other
Aussie businesses in a 9000 + strong “fan base” that with a little of
your time, you too can harness! And what’s more… this business
opportunity is just one of many FREE pages your business can utilise.

*drum roll please*

Introducing AUSTRALIA S.I.T.T (Australia Send In The Troops).

This incredible Facebook Page is opening the doors to potential
marketing opportunities to businesses and potential customers for your
business – “Facebook Marketing | Get More Likes | How to make sales on
Facebook | Send In The Troops” . Each week they engage hundreds of
business in their Weekly Marches, Shout – Outs and business networking
events that are held completely online – at your leisure from the
comforts of your own home – or where ever you may have internet access!

AUSTRALIA Send In The Troops was developed to help business and craft
pages network on Facebook. It’s since grown into a global phenomenon
where marchers don their boots in dozens of countries to build fans,
contacts and sales.

How it works:

Business like the page: https://www.facebook.com/AustraliaSITT/ with their personal page.

1) During the MARCH events – the page admins will post a “ROLL CALL” status 15 minutes before the “march” starts .

2) Business user their personal accounts (NOT YOUR BUSINESS PAGE) to “tag” their business under that status.
Tip — >
From experience it’s best to march whilst you’re on the computer rather than on the mobile as it’s hard,
and often not possible to tag from your mobile phone.
Using the @ symbol (on windows machine “shift” + 2 key at the same time)
– then they type the facebook page business name – Ours would look like
this “@natalie crowe designs”. Usually the Facebook Tagging system
kicks in with a menu of pages will appear that you can click yours.
alternatively typing the URL or website address to go directly to your
page works as well – http://www.facebook.com/nataliecrowedesigns

3) Random generated numbers will pick 20-30 numbers (similar to a lottery)

4) Those numbers will be balanced against the ROLL CALL list that the
Admins see on their computer (Your view may be different – but it’s up
to th admins to regulate this)

5) Based on those random generated numbers and the roll call status –
businesses will be marched on – Australia S.I.T.T will post status 3-5
minutes a part with something similar to the “status” below.

#1 Natalie Crowe Designs

Then using your personal profile you visit the page being marched – like
the page from your personal account, then write “Done – Your business
tag” or if you’re Already a Fan you could write AAF .

Not only to the 20-30 business who get marched on get networking
publicity, you can always go through the Roll Call Status and meet some
new businesses there, as you follow along with the march, other
businesses will see you commenting under the March Statuses and will get
to meet you that way as well.

In Summary –


1. A ROLL CALL Status will be posted on the page 15 minutes before the start of the march
2. Pop your NON PROFILE page name under that status – please use the @ tagging system
3. A random generator will be used to pick 20-30 numbers (similar to lottery)
4. Those numbers will then be balanced against the list THAT I SEE ON MY PC
(your views may be different)
5. Those that then have balanced are MARCHED ON…

This is one of many of the Australia S.I.T.T networking activities
held and you don’t have to march every week to be considered.
Participate when you can and build your business. It’s a worth while
networking opportunity and could be the next stop between you and your
next big client!

S.I.T.T is also an international thing, so there are other pages you
can harness that are focused on facebook fans all over the world.

One of our next blog posts on Facebook Networking will be in regards
to other Australian and International Facebook Networking pages 🙂 Drop
by Australian S.I.T.T and let them know we sent you. 🙂

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Claiming Local Listings

One of the main things that I have found that most businesses miss, is the local or free listings. Have you spend some time looking for the type of things your clients would be doing to locate your products or services? Have you looked at what they’d be seeing? Have you looked at the type of websites that appear are they things like the Yellow Pages directory? or Truelocal website? Google maps and more? Take some time out to do the searches and see what comes up. Take the time to go and register your business on those sites.

One other tip – Take the time to respond to feedback on those sites, particularly if something negative has been posted, business image is important and it’s important to take that time to respond accordingly — correct any incorrect information, reply to any negative feedback constructively, offer to fix the issue however is appropriate for the issue and continue building your online presence. Most of these sites offer a one way response and you will not be able to remove negative feedback – and this is realistic, negative feedback is something that happens in all businesses from time to time. Offering an alternative and addressing the issue shows your prospective clients that you care enough to make an effort and also shows a real side to you and the business.

Why is updating your content so important

Why you must update your content regularly.

Content Becomes Stagnant

After a while, the content within your website can becomes stagnant.  There is only so many things you can add to something like an ‘About Us’ page or ‘Locations’ page, and so after a while if there are no changes to your website then chances are there are your website will move down the ranks on the search engines or worse case scenario not show up at all.   A website can because stagnant within the first few months if you are not providing some sort of update to it.  Adding photos, video content, text and more. Also creating link backs to your website and  sharing your website around on the internet, letting businesses and industry related sites know that your website there can also make a big difference.

Search engines are looking for new and fresh information

Google and other search engines are constantly improving and enhancing their search results to offer the most up to date and relevant content to their users, so although your information may be  genuine and it may be the most accurate out there, the search engines want to see new and fresh content  coming through the door. Anyone can publish a website,  it’s those who continue to add new content and information to their site that prove to the search engines that they are worthy of being ranked on the search engine. Not only that but search engines reward websites that update their content regularly  by moving them up the rankings. 

Updating your content on a regular basis also give your clients/visitors more reason to come back to your website.  If you have regularly updated content on your website. Clients will be more inclined to  drop by to see what your business is up to if they know you update your website.

But what can YOU do  to provide regular content for your business??

Setup a business BLOG

A Blog is an abbreviation of “Web Log”   – an online journal for your business. It’s basically a central location where you can add lots of content in a organised central space.  There are plenty of FREE or low cost options out there for business owners WORDPRESS is 100% the best one  most businesses recommend using.   Here, in your blog, you can put anything from a blog post about what you’re doing in your business, perhaps what markets or fundraisers you’re going to be at, to product releases, tutorials,  industry information, tips, tools and resources.  (What you’re reading now is a blog post from Natalie Crowe Designs)

The posts don’t have to be extensive, couple of paragraphs, pictures,  maybe a video sometimes.   Once you create your blog post, you then share that post around your distribution channels – so facebook, twitter, forums,   etc.

TIP:  You need to first put the content on YOUR website first before sharing it around…  The reason for this is that it makes your website an authoritative figure. Your website had the information first. So  once it is shared around the search engines can see which website had the information listed on their website first and  rank them higher on the search engines.


Natalie Crowe Designs offers an integrated blogging system as a part of the NCDAchieve Content Management System.  Which means that on the same system you use to Edit, Update your website, add photos, text and more, check your reports and statistical data more. Taking the hassle out of multiple management tools, a single login and you can access everything in the one place.   Time and cost effective. 

Put video content on your website:

Put together videos on your business, on your products, on what you do, anything really.    Name your to do with things your prospective customers are likely to type into a search engine and get them up onto youtube, vimeo and other video sites. You can also get “embed” codes from places like Youtube to  then display that Youtube Video on your website.

TIP: Name your files, posts and other material with “keywords” or things people are likely type into a search engine.

We offer support to set these type of services up for you or to implement the content you create and the videos you record.   If you would like to discuss your options or organise some assistance to get your blog or video channels setup please  visit our contact us page or use one of the following mediums:

Phone:   0423285233
Email:    Support@nataliecrowedesigns.com
Skype:    NatalieCroweDesigns

You can also visit us via our FACEBOOK page:

– See more at: https://www.nataliecrowedesigns.com.au/contact-us#sthash.mEztyptD.dpuf

Phone:   0423285233
Email:    Support@nataliecrowedesigns.com
Skype:    NatalieCroweDesigns

You can also visit us via our FACEBOOK page:

How can I promote my business on a limited budget?

1. Start off simple.
Utilise the FREE tools available

List your business on free listing sites, – (From memory) yellow pages has a free listing option, truelocal has a free listing option.

2. Start a Facebook page – If you’re not sure how. Seek someone who can.

3. Get yourself a Business Card.

Most business use Vistaprint as a foundation – they have starter cards for as little as $30 for 250 cards delivered (may change since time of post) using one of their designs populated with your details – (Although, if you’re an established business – I’d recommend steering away from Vistaprint designs and creating your own identity – having a card designed , as there are thousands of businesses using the same designs. This is ideal as a starting point.

If you’re crafty enough, you could also make your cards. You can create business cards in some of the Microsoft Office Programs and make some yourself. Print them, decorate, if you can get hold of a laminator this may be another option. They are not as professional – but an option.

4.Hand out business cards when meeting people.One for them and one for them to pass on.

5.Leave cards at local establishments – Business Enterprise Centres, Preschool,Sports groups, Pin them on the notice board at the shopping centre.

6.Make a brochure – Make a list of what you offer, if you can help it put photographs or samples of your work and leave tear off strips for people to take, leaving these on notice boards in the local community.

7.Pass your brochure around often!

8.Sponsor your local school.

Donate your services or products, or ask what’s involved to get in their newsletter

9.Do a mailbox drop

I found a DL sie (1/3 A4 Page) brochure or even 1/2 A4 page works well.

For a little ink, time on the computer, and a bit of persperation to walk the neighbourhood you could find your next big client.

10.Setup a website – as a web business we know that having a website is important, there are freebie sites you can setup, To read about the Benefits of having your own website and Free or Cost effective places to get one

11.Start a blog. – A blog is an abbreviation for “Web Log” – Almost like an online Journal for your business – Although you don’t have to keep it so personal that you’re telling everyone what you’re having to eat for breakfast every morning ( may be appropriate if you’re a personal trainer or health guru – but otherwise)

12.Volunteer your time/skills services in exchange for Testimonial/Reviews or Service

13.Talk about your business, your passion and your interests.

14.Send out a mailing list

15.Attend a market and talk to prospective customers

16.Go to events where similar businesses are or prospective customers are likely to be and interact with them, see how things run, get a feel for what it’s like.

17Ask some in your industry for advice, support or mentorship

18.Sponsor events that your target market are likely to be at – Enquire how much it would cost to be a sponsor and what’s involved. If it’s not do-able right now put it in the – possibilities in the future box.

19.Create signs and place them locally. – Trip to hardware store for Corflute Boards, Poster paint – Permanent Markets and some patience to write a quick message.

20.Add your business contact details to your email footer.