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Facebook Post Editing is here!!! Finally we can fix up those auto-correct or typos!

Facebook Post Editing is here!

Facebook  now allows you to edit your status updatesOne of the by far annoying features of Facebook updates was posting something new and exciting and in the excitement  typing a message with a grammatical error, or when posting from your phone you, the auto correct flares up and  you post an update only to notice the error – with no way to edit.

The time has come! Facebook has finally released the ability to edit your posts. From the 25th of September,  Facebook users should start to see the following EDIT option in the drop down menu   (as seen on the right).


Check it out on your Facebook personal account and business fan pages 🙂 Natalie Crowe Designs can see a great use of this feature. 



Call Back Policy

Something that all small businesses need to do is put into place a policy or strategy as to what they’re going to do in relation to dealing with follow ups and “calling clients back”. How many hours a month are you wasting?

One of the biggest issues I’ve seen as a part of my own business is the extended time spent chasing up clients who show expressions of interest in your services but time and time again, one call, two calls, a few emails etc social media connections, later, you look back and see a massive  time loss during chasing those clients and their business.

After analyzing how many hours in a given month, We recorded a minimum 5-10 hours a month of accumulated time, following up calls or chasing clients for information.  Due to this,  Natalie  Crowe Designs has initiated a new policy in terms of Call Backs and follow ups.  In the instance of a first consultation we contact the client twice, if we can’t get hold of them, they’ll receive an automatic email notifying them that we have tired to contact them however we have been unsuccessful, should they wish to organise a scheduled appointment to discuss how Natalie Crowe Designs can best help them, please feel free to contact us on  – 0423285233 or reply.

Imagine what could be achieve with an extra 5-10 hours a month up your sleeve!

Making it easier for clients to find your business

Make your business as visible as possible

Like every business owner, you understand that you need to make it as
easy as possible for your potential clients to locate your business,
and having your potential clients locate your business means your
business is one step closer to having them purchase your products or
utilise services and there are a many ways to of  making your business
more locatable,however, the easiest way starts with having your own

Almost everywhere you look the internet is readily, at the
click of a button you can type in any search phrase and locate any
number of businesses? So what if your clients knew your business name,
for example “Natalie Crowe Designs” they could search for you (click here for a sample)  or perhaps they typed in some keywords related to your business, on our case “Website Design Cessnock” (click here for a sample).
With a website, we can create an online presence that is optimised  to
be more likely to appear when clients search for these terms.

Facebook Cover Design for MissyKCreations

Missy K Creations makes Handmade Accessories.  
We have been fortunate enough to  design Melissa’s new Facebook Cover:

View live from our Facebook Page : Let Us know your thoughts here.


Ways to contact   Missy K Creations:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missykcreations
Phone: 0439649991
Email: missykcreations@hotmail.com

Getting Organised

Using a Day Planner and Planning the night before |

Day Planner - Getting Organised - Website Design CessnockAfter many to-do lists, notebooks,  post-it notes, whiteboard messages and  corkboards, I finally have myself into a system that works well really well.   As ridiculous as it may sound a $3.00 day planner from Office works which you can view and purchase here:  [Officeworks Quill A4 Daily Planner 50 Sheets]  and making the religious efforts plan the following day the night before or days before.  I have been so much more productive.

Day Planner

I found through my own work, that I have things that pop up through the day that need to either be added to my day planner or that I need to allocate time for in the coming days, I also  find that I am forever looking for my “Call Book” where I jot down notes  when I get phone calls from a client that I need to remember but don’t neccessarily need that piece of information right this second.    So I created this version myself this evening to see how this goes. I’ve left it as a Microsoft Word document so others can take the file and modify it to suit their needs. 
Day Planner Template with To-Do Notes
As an after thought, the document could use more solid outlines as I find that it doesn’t stand out as much whilst sitting on the desk as the bought version.

Anyway guys, hope this helps 🙂

Facebook Cover KS Artery

KS Artery  created hand pained artwork at affordable prices.  

View live from our Facebook Page : Let us know your thoughts here.


Ways to contact   KS Artery:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ksartery
Phone: (03)52485008
Email: info@ksartery.com

Facebook Services Sales September 2013

For those who operate a Facebook Business Page (which all of you should have some form of social media associated with your business.) It’s important to present your business in a professional way that makes your business stand out in a crowd . 

Natalie Crowe Designs is offering a Facebook Services sale on the 6th of September through to the 12th of September 2013.   Massive saving to be had!

Facebook Cover images normally $45 now only $25

Full Facebook Revamps including Cover Image, Profile Image and three custom tabs or album covers was $99 now only $55!!