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Cessnock & Hunter Valley based Website Design Business - Natalie Crowe Designs

We're one stop shop when it comes to branding and growing your business.

Hunter Valley based web design business Natalie Crowe Designs makes getting a website, a logo or any other marketing material easy and affordable. We take a personal down-to-earth approach to supporting you in your business, with a variety of products and design services available to suit every budget. Combine this, with friendly knowledgeable staff and the convenience of having everything under the one "roof" -Natalie Crowe Designs truly is your one stop shop when to building a strong branded presence both online and offline.

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Meet your Web Designer - Natalie Crowe

Owner Natalie Crowe, Natalie Crowe DesignsHi there!
I'm Natalie Crowe; a Cessnock Web Designer and also the owner/operator here at Natalie Crowe Designs. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly -  contact Natalie here

Natalie Crowe Designs is a Hunter Valley based website design business which was founded back in 2008. The business was originally created because of my passion for web design and my desire to work, however, I did not have my licence at the time and the pending arrival of my daughter limited my ability to work outside the home.

Holding my Diploma in website development, and certificates in business management. I felt that this combination and working for myself would be perfect for our growing family needs. We officially opened our doors 1 month before my daughter was brought into the world and it's been onwards and upwards from there.

I loved the diversity, the challenges, the ability to provide financial secuirty for my family but also the flexibility working for myself as a stay at home mum. I had a natural knack for the process of problem solving and helping others to find solutions that supported their businesses, and time and patience to sift through the constantly increasing "sea of information" available and offering the skills and knowledge needed in a personalised and down-to-earth service, which I hear so often, is so hard to find when working with larger companies.

Five years on, I am phasing through the next stage of my business. I am working in a career that still "lights me up" as it did in the beginning. One that gives me such drive and motivation. One that can see me "working" until the early hours of the morning, and still get up the next day, ready for a new day with enthusiasm and purpose. Whether that be a consultations for a new client, raising my family and whatever lessons life throws at me, I love my job and can't imagine doing anything else.

What services do we offer?

  • We build websites - For micro businesses through to corporate companies.

    From a simple starter website design and improving existing web pages or existing websites through to PayPal integrated ecommerce websites; web stores / online shops, custom developed business solutions - training websites, websites for club use or membership site and community groups.

  • We design marketing material - Logos, Advertisements, Brochures, Business Cards, Social Media Styling and more!

From your logo design to your business cards, gift vouchers, promotional material, t-shirt designs, designing visually appealing advertisements, flyers and brochures. Improving the appearance of your product photos, Facebook and Social Media images and more.

  • We manage your accounts - Website, social media, search engine optimisation and paid advertising

From maintaining your website, updating and adding your content, content writing for websites, blogs, advertisements, managing your social media accounts, overseeing your Free and Paid Advertising like Google Adwords & industry specific websites.

  • We support you! - Phone, Email, Skype, Face to Face, Facebook Chat, Custom training & tutorials

Whether you're new to the technological world of websites, business and social media or you've got it covered, we offer support and client specific tutorials and training, based on YOUR skill level. If you have certain areas or tops that you'd like us to focus on, or provide specific assistance with we can make arrangements to suit you.

Some of our recent design work:

We are working with many local businesses, spanning the Hunter Region; Cessnock, Maitland and Newcastle. We've had the privelidge of working with clients such as Lochivar Pet Motel, Cessnock Motorcycle Club, Tee's Tan Temple, Coronation Kennels & Cattery, Hendo Homes and several businesses through out Australia due to our involvement in social media and our active facebook page: Natalie Crowe Designs. Below are some of the samples:


Some of our recent blog posts:

We often write posts about recent developments, tools and tips for business owners and general information that we find that may be beneficial to our clients. My office has a series of corkboards, so we titled our blog - NCD Corkboard.

Below are 5 of our latest posts. Not all of the posts will relate to every business, but we do try and take everyone into consideration when we write content. You can visit our full blog via "BLOG" tab at top of the page. Or by clicking here.

  1. How do you fit everything into a busy lifestyle? Natalie Crowe Designs 23-May-2016
  2. Logo Design - Revive Health Clinic Natalie Crowe Designs 28-Apr-2016
  3. You are Greatness Natalie Crowe Designs 28-Apr-2016
  4. Great Business Mentoring Session Natalie Crowe Designs 29-Mar-2016
  5. Karma Rocks Australia is Back - Handstamped Jewellery Natalie Crowe Designs 27-Mar-2016


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Natalie Crowe Designs has an active Facebook Account which we post our latest works, engage with clients and interact with many of our 4000+ fans. We'd love for you to join us on our page. With the like function below :)

Building your business & helping clients locate your business with a website:

Like every business owner, you understand that you need to make it as easy as possible for your potential clients to locate your business, and having your potential clients locate your business means your business is one step closer to having them purchase your products or utilise services and there are a many ways to of  making your business more locatable,however, the easiest way starts with having your own website. 

Almost everywhere you look the internet is readily, at the click of a button you can type in any search phrase and locate any number of businesses? So what if your clients knew your business name, for example "Natalie Crowe Designs" they could search for you (click here for a sample)  or perhaps they typed in some keywords related to your business, on our case "Website Design Cessnock" (click here for a sample). With a website, we can create an online presence that is optimised  to be more likely to appear when clients search for these terms.

But what are some of the other benefits of having a website?

~ Having a website means credibility and accuracy of information made available about your business.

~ A website works for you 365 days a year.
- Even when you finish work for the day, your website keeps working round the clock.

~ Your customers can access the information about your business, products and services at their leisure regardless of your operating hours.

~ You are able to reach a larger target audience.
- With the ability for potential clients all over the world to have access to your business.

~ Your clients can make online enquiry 24 hours 7 days a week.

~ You can use your website as an additional means of advertising.

~ A website can increase sales.

~ A website can increase how often your clients interact with your business.

~ A website can increase customer confidence. 
- For clients, knowing that they can get in contact with your business or find out more information about a service or product is reassuring.

~ You can utilise statistical data to measure the success of your business online.
- Things like seeing how many people visited your website over a period of time, what webpages they viewed and how long they are spending on your site.

~ Website is often more cost effective then print media.

~ A website is dynamic and grows as your business does.
- You can start out with a website that is very basic, simply offering your clients general information about your business and then later introduce other features for example online shopping, or bookings online.

So  how can Natalie Crowe Designs help you and your business?  

We offer a variety of products and services  including:

~ Helping you Plan, Implement and Launch your business online.

~ We not only build websites, we help you Build an online presence

~ We can assist you with Setup and Management of Social Media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

~ We offer a variety of services including (but not limited to) :
    - Graphic Design,
    - Logo design,
    - Website Hosting,
    - Website Domain or address setup and management
    - and Print Media Design; including Flyers, Brochures & Business Card

~ We share our knowledge in  Information Technology, Online Business and Today's technology and  provide you with friendly, helpful advice.

~ Tailoring the products and services we provide directly for you and your business

~ Training you on best practices and writing materials that will assist you to get the most from the products and services Natalie Crowe Designs puts together for you and  overall making the whole process as easy as possible for you.  

We're your one stop shop when it comes to getting a website and we're here to help!

If you're looking for Affordable Website Design Pricing & Great Customer Service, Natalie Crowe Designs is your one stop shop when it comes to getting a website. We provide a range of packages to suit all needs and budgets, Whether you're just starting out or already established, wanting to sell online or need something custom developed for YOUR business. We can help!